What's going on in your story?


I’m a little over 100k words and not even half way done ugh. I guess what I’m trying to work on is efficiency in writing shorter paragraphs that get straight to the point
But my book is epic fantasy so there’s a lot of characters and subplots. When I’m done this draft I’ll edit it alot.
So far I’ve only published two chapters on wattpad


um. . . WHAT!? That is soo much! And I hope you mean those two chapters you posted are edited and it doesn’t mean they’re both 50,000 each. But I like your dedication! :smile: I’m only about 20k and I’m writing my 20th chapter!


AHHH! I’m gonna clarify!
I posted two chapters from the 100k I’ve written
LOLOL I pre-wrote my book so I don’t stress about updating haha


Starting a new book off with a group of five kids on the road, running away from home, from all the money, from all of their problems.


I have 18 chapters posted, not sure of the word count… about 36, 000? At the moment my MC is unconscious on a table while a couple of others work on stitching up a few wounds and piece together the story of who she is and how she came to arrive there. Very vague I realize lol. It’s a YA Fantasy :slight_smile:


Yay for YA fantasy, we need more for the little nerdlings!


Due to character analysis, I ended up making the arrogant serpent summoner not bothering to summon a gigantic naga brute. Instead, he chooses to take on the slum girl head on, with the power of the venomous snakes.

So yeah, slum girl brawler with the power of light vs serpent summoner with the power of snakes and poison. Place your bets!


Cathy solves another small part of the puzzle that is Natty Fogg, simply by asking her roommate the right questions.


I just need to build up a consistent habit of writing (my goal is for at least one meaningful chapter a week, give or take). For my story, I just need to start getting the plot rolling.


im literally 2 chapters away from finishing and the internet is out

I’m beyond irritated


The River Viper rides the gifted horse he called Warlock. I called the chapter ‘They returned from the Ride” lol, so i’ll let you deduce just how well it went. I am about to send him North and start writing a portrail of the wharfs building a fleet.

Also… I threw the towel, and split Xi’s book into a separate one, War Mage 16. It is just too different from Crimson.


Struggles of a 21st century writer.


Haha! Hopefully it will come back soon! Good luck! :wink:


I have four more chapters to go!!:tired_face::frowning_face::grinning::flushed:


So chapter 12 of I have no idea of how many is now finished! Now on to chapter 13.

13 is my mom’s lucky number. And here I thought is was 1…

I am her number 1 son after all… I never let my little brother forget it either.


With publishing I am at chapter 11, with writing chapter 13 plus 1 for a whole lot later.

But my latest writing is the ending… I let my story tell itself and form while writing and this idea popped up in my head and I had to write it!
In short, my mc and companion have made a big mistake by thinking they could talk to’ the enemy’

They are separated and she talks to the head of the group. Eventually he wants to kill her and brings in her, now brainwashed, companion who proceeds to choke the life out of her.

So long happy ending! Haha! I write a big part now, but I know it will change depending how the story will evolve beforehand.




and man what a climax


I’ve started chapter 13. I had to go back and check my fabula because I kinda forget what I had planned next. :rofl: Good thing I planned it out.


To sum it up…

Girl dates guy in college. Guy proposes. (Things happen…don’t want to ruin) Girl thinks she’s the problem in this almost failing relationship… Girl meets guy. Girl looses all control around this guy & doesn’t know why. Things get crazy/ deeper. Girl gets involved with guy while stringing along fiance, hoping it will get better, maybe.

Some more crazy stuff happen lol.
I’m trying not to give it away in this horrible explanation.

It’s just crazy & you’ll be in for a ride for sure! :slight_smile:


Up until now, in Sorcery Ice Slayer, the MC receives a mysterious letter to be in the upcoming Olympics. Thinking the possibility of a scam, her coach and her parents tried to persuade not to follow through until a rep comes to clear the misunderstanding.

Up to 32 parts so far.

I’m also writing the second chapter of the final book in the Legacy trilogy. The MC and her friends are out on adventure going to many countries and sampling some stuff.