What's going on in your story?


War elves attacking a town.


Hello Hello, I am looking for a few ppl who can help me with my book i need a few reviews is anyone willing to read my story and fill out a review page. I would be eternally grateful and be willing to feature you as review person in my book.


I finished the River Viper’s pov chapter, so I feel a bit disoriented now, going back to Xi.

I left Xi when he discovered that they time skipped when they went to the Celestial Realm so now I will be writing the losing the war chapters.


In my book The Legend of the Moonflower Princess, Sahara and Donovan got rescued by the guardian of Darienne Kamau, the oracle of White Mountain. She sends Donovan through to the kingdom of White Mountain and is about to tell Sahara what the main villain, Kane Gin Shita, is planning to do.


Tweaking the Japanese / French fusion so it feels less like merely blending the two languages.

Ex. Francaise hanasemasu ka? Ou Parlez-vous Nihongo?

It’s taking up a lot of time, but I feel like I can write my fiction more effectively once it’s done.


Right now, everyone is relaxing from the second faction battle. Theon’s team is dealing with the fact that the news just leaked their secret identities and Ceves’s team is getting fan mail and talking about politics.


Theon is in trouble? Can you direct me to the book?


I just had to kill off two boys, suicides. The air set itself on fire and they stayed. William had no hope when he heard everything was gone. He sat down and not even Amynda or Timothy could get him up. Daryl picked up amynda and ran. The boys had given her a look of knowing. That if one of them stays they both stay. Holding hands crying with loving looks at eachother, Tilly and Wally began their ascent to heaven to rejoin their families. Known each other since birth. Heartbreaking. Honestly this apoclyspe stuff is depressing


Nice idea. Japanese and French :slight_smile:


Who is the heroine? Sarah or Kamau?


Full of action huh?


Losing the war my my


if two teenage boys comitting suicide during the zombie apocalypse is action then kill me


Hi hi I’m Chinthaka Nanayakkara from Colombo Sri Lanka. Here are my writer team https://my.w.tt/BORtzct2JT

They will surely help :smile:


It is action :slight_smile:


Whats the town?


Is there two books?


Willing to take the ride :slight_smile:


Planning is very important :slight_smile:


One other aspect that makes it difficult: I’m less interested in explicit Science Fantasy, as almost a kind of “Pseudo-Fantasy”, a scifi setting with a simulated fantasy world.