What's going on in your story?


Whats the book called?


Interesting plot i should say :slight_smile:


Whats the name of the book?


Lets roll!


I found Uploaded Fairy substantially easier to end than start, completing nine entire years I’ve been working on this.

Definitely ready to start on something different.


Theon’s team is in trouble, yes. The story is Helix Operatives: Creation. It’s on my profile and it should come up if you search it.


In the Legacy trilogy, yes. There’s two already out there.


I’m rewriting my original story Skate to My Heart. I fear that people won’t read the updated version since it’s been years. I would really love some feed back to see if this version is better, if my effort is worth it, or if I should just forget the story all together. I have re-uploaded 6 chapters and no one has seemed to read them.


Sahara is the heroine. Darienne Kamau is the oracle who gives her vital information :smile:


Dreaming Reality! :slight_smile:


Nicole just passed out due to sensory overload and had a nightmare to boot. She just woke up in the nurse’s office. Poor kid.




Hi, I’m not gonna post any links. I just wanna let ya know I’ve got an story for my english project on my profile (called “The Shot”) and I desperately need some criticism. Anyone here that can help?


I hope so. But in general my story is a far way a long from that so I don’t know if it will survive or not.


So… I have just finished chapter 12 a few days ago and so far I have 51.638 words and about 103 pages… so yeah and there is still a lot to cover in the story ^^!

I suck at writing short chapters x)

It’s a slow burn romance, where the female MC really doesn’t want to be in a relationship and the male MC is trying to woo her, and then there is also a whole lot of danger in the mix, so yeah. But mostly the romance and the development of the other characters (I suck at keeping a plot simple and just being about the MC’s).

There is a long way to the end… when I started this story I had told myself about 30 chapters and that was it, that should have made me able to finish the story… but me? keeping things simple? yeah I don’t think so. I’m 12 chapters in and the story is still just beginning ^^! Wooops.


Machine and Magic!


I just finished my first draft at 115k words!

My question is, should I keep to the Sun-Tues update schedule or upload the full thing?




Keep the schedule, regular updates draw in readers


I ended up writing about 2300 words tonight for the third installment of “Fang && Bone.” Right about now we’re approaching about 8000 words for the full story thus far.

Looking at my outline I believe I have about four or five parts left, bringing the potential total number of words for the whole thing to about 18000 words. That pushes it just over the novelette hump into novella territory. I may try to fit an extra 2000 words into the road ahead to get to that 20k.