What's going on in your story?


Hmm…I’ll base this off of the unreleased, but finished, Chapter 15.

Currently having pathetic excuse of a human be - I mean protagonist Nate running away like the coward he is after nearly beating his former friend and biggest enemy to death and being pressured to shoot him. He ends up at the company he owns known as the Phoenix Records in an effort to have them obtain the footage, which he believes will show proof that his former friend attacked him first and he only attacked back out of self defense, and use it to destroy his former friend’s reputation. It…doesn’t end very well, as the Phoenix Records accuses HIM of initiating the attack and threaten to release the footage if he doesn’t end the deal between them. Nate is convinced that they’re involved in a conspiracy against him and that they’re covering up for his former friend.

It’s a psychological thriller, so the main character isn’t exactly…reliable.


Oh boy… I’ve got the first five or so chapters written down on paper… well, roughly written. As for what’s typed, I have the first chapter done and I’m working on the second one at the moment. I need to figure out a smooth way to set up the “antagonist” (He’s meant to be one you heavily sympathize with, and actually question whether or not he’s right)


Added info: Currently at about 75,000/118,000 words, 15/32 chapters,and loving every single minute writing. :slight_smile: I hope the final product is something that is cohesive and has a lot of suspense/foreshadowing like I’ve set it up to have. This is my very first time writing something of this length :smiley:


I’ve got 39 solid chapters going on in book 2, but my cover creator just bailed on me so I have to find someone to create 3 covers from scratch so they’re all fluid in the same theme. Cue mild panic earlier.

But yeah, somehow I’m getting through book 2. Trudging is probably a better word.


What genre of story are you writing?


It’s mostly a psychological thriller (meaning that it focuses on the unstable thought processes and behavior of the main character, and other characters, and has a lot of psychological themes), but over time it also develops into a conspiracy thriller, an action thriller, mystery, and outright horror towards the end. The main character has a lot of mental issues, with the main one that drives almost half the story being unnamed, but really obvious if you know your mental illnesses at least somewhat. But a lot of the psychological stuff is also driven outside of mental illnesses and is also based off of cult indoctrination and a fictional hallucinogenic drug (which its exact nature is also not only a major driving force behind the plot, but perhaps the biggest spoiler). There’s also a lot of social commentary about the music industry and the celebrity life in general, with everything sort of being a lot more horrific than it seems to be on the surface.


Oh damn. I’m gonna have to give this a read. I’ve always loved psychological stories like that. Have you been finding it difficult to build up the more thrilling moments? I haven’t really played with psychological thriller writing, but I’ve been told it’s one of the more difficult styles to master.


I definitely want to see that story be complete, stories like that take me back!


100% agreed. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a good thriller.


Thanks so much! Hope that you enjoy it, and I’ll definitely be looking into your stuff if you’re into the genre as well, even if you haven’t written in it yet. :smiley:

At times, absolutely. Sometimes I feel like there is a tad bit too much dialogue and not enough actual action (especially with the last few chapters), but I think that a large majority of the dialogue is necessary, as one of the MC’s biggest characteristics is that he’s a ruthless and charismatic businessman/celebrity figure that intimidates and manipulates others to get his way. Within a few chapters, especially heading into Act 3, the action will be a lot more prevalent, to the point that I’m barely able to stop myself from spoiling all of the cool stuff that will happen. :^) Probably the most difficult part is balancing all of the foreshadowing/moments of distorted reality with making it not too difficult to figure out, but not so blaringly obvious that all of the plot twists are being spoiled. A tactic I’ve been trying out is making all of the WAIT A MINUTE THIS ISN’T RIGHT aspects super subtle, or appearing to be unintentionally confusing, towards the beginning of the story, and then as the story continues and the main character clearly loses his sanity over time, it becomes ridiculously obvious that a lot of the confusing parts were intentional and are going to be addressed, and that something’s really, really off with how he sees and interacts with the world around him. I’m pretty much terrified of my MC tbh


The good thing about writing is that the entire about is it’s a lot of words, so dialogue heavy scenes aren’t too bad if you set them up right. Usually I finish a scene like that, give myself a few days so it’s not too fresh in my mind, then go back and re-read it. If I get to a point where I find myself skipping ahead, I go back and try to take out some of the less necessary lines, or change them up to the conversation goes by just a bit quicker.


I’m still riding on the high of finishing my first draft.

I’m a little sore that no-one’s gonna get to read the ending for another 8 weeks, but maybe I’ll speed up the update schedule.


I think I commented on the old thread with a diffrent story but I dont know.Anyways the current story Im writing is called The Seven Seas which is about a PIrate crew and four sirens ((The sirens kind of forced the pirates to change their plans though)) going from town to town to find missing items. A nyways I problem shouldnt be rambling about the main concept.Google docs says there is 10,787 words on the google docs but that includes the Chapter headings and any notes I put ((I do alot of write this scene later add this etc)) so I dont know the exact number.I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY long story in the end at least compared to what Im use to theres still alot of scenes left to go.
Whats currently happening in the story is the Sirens and the Pirate Crew are at this town where the leader of the town wanted them to attend a dance so she had more people there.Because she let them stay at her castle they were like ‘Sure why not’ so theyre currently getting ready for the dance but the dance will come after ((And I know what happens during the dance but I dont want to ramble too much because I feel like this is already far too long))


Hello everyone! Nice to meet all of you.

Ok. I am 30 chapters in and probably only have 12 chapters left for this first draft. Last time I checked it was around 45k but that was 10 chapters ago so probably 60+.

It’s about Elliot who after a traumatic event wants to find and free his parents from slavery. Currently Elliot is at Zutonia, an academy for mages, to get his license and be allowed full liberties to travel within the country.

I want to improve the way I describe body language above everything else. I always loved a book and scene where after each dialogue the author would describe the body language adding spice to the scene.

After that I want to improve my story telling.

Again, hello everyone!


I’m researching some stuff about plane of existence because I need the knowledge to write this ghost character. Why can’t he contact other ghosts, that is the question.

He is apparently closer to the physical plane than others.


Cathy gains new insights into the complex group dynamics of the Upper Fifth and learns about the perils of tardiness from the example of two of her classmates who come in a few minutes late for class.


In my ONC story, Angel is about to enter the old Henderson house. All hell will break loose soon. MWAHAHAHAHAAAA >:3


I’m about 10,000 words in, at least that’s what I have typed. The part I’m currently writing (I start on paper then type it up/edit later) is where the main character has met up with his sister and her friend. they eat cheap biscuits and talk, and there’s a bit of an infodump regarding the “other world” which his sister has been trapped in. Also, some foreshadowing regarding the cliffhanger that’s going to occur around 5 chapters from now.
I’m having trouble deciding what information my main character would be asking for right now, and what information needs to be given. I’m thinking that once I edit the earlier stuff, it’ll be easier to sort out.


I will be piecing together the events of the year and a half that Xi missed while in the Celestial Realm in this chapter.


I see. More kidnapping? Lol