What's going on in your story?


Nooo. Lol XD
It’s a paranormal horror story.


Also, sorry to post another one, but because I went for Minh’s romance & because I gave him Zijun’s planned dialogue closure/outcome, I now have troubles finding a place in the sequence of the events and the outcome for Xi’s last meeting with Zijun.

Part of me wants her to burn the Empress writ but I always saw her taking over Xi’s affairs to build a temple/set for life after his transcendence… so I don’t know how I am going to close this arc.


Whole lot of editing. I have also been thinking of a new story idea and the more I think the more I love. But I know if I start on it now, it’s over for me and anything else I had in my mind


this might be my first time in this thread so hello!

I’m currently getting ready for bed, but I managed to finish chapter 10 tonight, and start a new short story as an interlude.
I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the story, but it will provide a lot of world-building which is always good.
I’m now over 22k, doing well, on track with where I hoped to be this far into the book.

I’m also very happy to find that the Comic Sans tip actually works!! has anyone else tried it?


I’m on chapter thirty… opens notebook to squint at a conspiciously blank page thirty-one. And nothing is going on because I didn’t outline this and now I don’t even know whose POV this is supposed to be in. Great.

throws notebook over shoulder


Do I just… write another book? I don’t know what to do now.


do you want to write another book?


I want to write like fifty books.


I’m actually writing a for-funsies novella called TIME MAN, if people like it I might make more than one.


well then yeah, you just write another book. Magic it into existance, my dude.


i could, or I could literally never write another book ever again

like ever

  • the writer equivalent of lighting oneself on fire.


So… I’m redoing the end of chapter 13 because it sucked and chapter 14 isn’t going to be what I had planned…


I am going to take a break from Xi’s story (he is in the middle of the catching up chapter) and try to write 500 words sport story about Shoma Uno winning that gold medal on Sunday for the contest on the @Adventure profile. I had never written a sport story before, let alone 500 words one. So, yeah… dunno how it will go.


Good luck!


got like 12 chapters in total feels like I’m nowhere near done. I’m just now introducing the third girl for the main single character to get to know and yea yea lmao. Main conflict isn’t even that clear yet.


You might want to work on that. I’m not sure today’s audience will wait that long for the main conflict. Most of them have the attention span of a gnat on a caffeine high. At least drop a hint here and there.


I was 60-70% done with my story and then decided to rewrite it. It’s now… like 2% done honestly. :joy: RIP me.

It’s on chapter 3 and at around 9,000 words. Not sure how many pages that would be! But I haven’t been writing them in something that separates things into pages.

A lot. But if I can stop procrastinating and beating myself up, maybe I can get there!

Honestly not much, I already have the gist of what I want to/need to do. It’s a matter of how to make myself actually do it and not beat around the bush. I’m only rewriting it because I saw things to improve upon though so perhaps I do have an answer; consistency, plot points, characterization. They changed so much the first time around and so much of what I thought it was going to be ended up different that I realized I had much to rework! And I look forward to doing so as much as the work itself has pained me.

My mascot character just got out of prison and he’s already involved with the mob, and a lot of drama is about to go down. We’re about to meet the protagonist (who despite being the protagonist and main character, is still a little out of the limelight some of the time) and things are getting really interesting!! It’s a record cold night just when the mascot Percy becomes homeless so he’s in for a bad time and it can only get worse before it gets better.


In my newest story (despite the fact that I should be strictly editing) Emie has just given a kiss to her boyfriend of five years. They’ve made a plan for him to com to her house for dinner with her parents. It’s the first chapter, but I’m proud :slight_smile:


I’m REALLY REALLY close to the end (like 2 chapters left) but now I’m putting my character in an awkward position where her friends either overly like her and it’s creepy or hate her at his point and is going to make a huge difference at the end of the book. I can’t wait until I have MY story finished, but at the same time, I just want to keep writing! :grin::flushed::grimacing: