What's It About?

This is a writing exercise to come up with descriptions for stories that catch the eyes of potential readers.

How it works:

One person comes up with the title (and cover if you’re feeling creative) of a story and the next person has to come up with a synopsis or overview of what the story is about with no other context. Once you write the synopsis, come up with the title for a new book so the person after you has something to write off of. Feel free to comment on previous descriptions if you think they’re cool or are missing something. Only constructive criticism though.

I’ll start with a title:

Sunless Skies

Hmm, how about… Terracotta Tree

You’ve got to come up with a description for “Sunless Skies” and then give the next title for the next person.

Oh, okay! I missed that, lol!

Sunless Skies.
Within a world full of beautiful creation, on a day I so vividly remember being full of life and happiness I never expected this to happen… Nobody in Manhatten did. It started with a sudden change in weather, slowly our sky clouded over, day by day. I woke up one morning, and looked out my window expecting to see the sun. Instead I was greated with a ghastly sight. Large blood red clouds incarcerated the sun, only a sliver of it’s now crimson light shining through.

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Terracotta Tree:

Penelope Dunn always loved mysteries, but she was never prepared to live in one. After ghost hunting in an ancient, abandoned castle in the northern reaches of Ireland with some friends, Penny is perplexed by the discovery of a stone garden hidden in the deepest depths of the castle. In the center was a large, elegantly twisted terracotta tree.

Why was it there? What was its purpose? And who was the mysterious man she kept running into?

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: The Mountain Beneath

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1867: Rumours of a etheral mountain hidden beneath the Earth’s surface floated around Quinton, a small rural town situated in Ireland. Since these whispers young Aileen McPeak, a girl with a big imagination, dreamed of this landscape; another world acting as a haven for otherworldly beings. Picking grapes in her father’s vineyard one day, she stumbled upon an old door embedded in rich soil. Inscribed in it was the phrase, “Not For the Faint of Heart”.

Next title: Serendipity’s Cry

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Serendipity’s Cry:

Her parents named her Serendipity because she was their happy little accident, but Ser hasn’t felt happiness in a very long time. Not since their deaths.

Forced to live with her aunt in the big city, Ser doesn’t feel anything but isolation. She wishes someone could hear her cries for help, but there’s no one… except him.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: The Thunder Boys

The bustling city of Callaway is a unique residency. They had no monuments, or tourist attractions, but what drew people to this skyscraper filled place, with it’s dark twisting alleyways was the SEP (Superhero Education Program). Various Callaway natives were bestowed powers as a result of a genetic mutation; everybody had a unique power- none were duplicates. Upon graduation at the program, students are given their Super License, and a letter grade reminiscent of their performance throughout school. From there the Supers fight crime in places past the city boarders, defending the defensless. As a new school year started in the year of 2048, unknowingly three regular boys would enter this school, and discover they all had the same power; an influence over thunder and lightning.

Next title:
A Toad’s Croak

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A Toad’s Croak:

I don’t care what you heard in all those fairy tales you were told growing up, okay? I’m about to smack you in the face with some real life advice.

Do. Not. Kiss. Toads.

Trust me. I speak from experience. And I regret everything.

Especially him.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: The Crooked City

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Literary student Terry Kore was a new graduate from California University with a bachelors degree, though his journey there was not easy. Lacking the finances for a university education, Terry took out extensive loans. In order to pay off his hindering student debt he set off on a search for work in Chicago. Days later he found himself with a permanent position with ‘The Crooked City’; a magazine geared towards criminal city society. The publications, littered with slander, and government secrets was an underground hit, though completely illicit. How will Terry live manage to live his dream as a writer, if failure at this job or quitting means death?

New title: Talent Showdown

Talent Showdown:

King Matthias is a cruel man. Every year he rounds up the kingdom’s jesters and makes them compete in an intensive three week tournament. The winner of the tournament is showered in unimaginable riches and gets to be the King’s personal jester for the following year. Anyone who displeases the King is sentenced to death.

Remi is willing to take that risk to save his mother.


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I saw it one morning; a white dove on my doorstep. It’s pristine white feathers were stuck together with blood as though it were a fallen angel. Shocked and unsure, I took the small bird to a nearby vets clinic. I expected the poor creature would be able to soar once again high in the cerulean sky. But that wasn’t the case the moment I heard, “Miss, his wings will need to be amputated. There’s signs of a life threatening infection.” Since that fateful day the dove, Sky, has lived with me.Though our happy life could be ripped from existence with the recent news…

New Title: Scarlet Sword

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lol, this would make a great satire or comedy :rofl:

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Scarlet Sword:

Supernatural creatures were never meant for the world of humans, but a tear in the fabric of reality opened a portal to a dimension in which they existed. Dangerous creatures are flooding into the human realm to feed on the living, and the only hope at stopping them is the deadly assassin known as the Scarlet Sword and some of her unlikely allies.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Villainous


A small but popular cafe in the core of Paris, France called ‘Aujourd’hui’ has a deadly secret, that if released will be the end of their business. Not their coffee business, by any means- it’s their underground trafficking business that would suffer. The owner, Jaque Laverdiere had ties to local gangs as well, and both parties financially benefited from their partnership. Nobody in the family knew how he profited so well from the coffee industry. So when his son Phillipe, an abiding law student, attempts to join the family business how will he keep the shops secret sub rosa?

Next Book Title: Branching Out

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Branching Out:

Tired of being the superhero everyone expects him to be, Evergreen hangs up his cape and sets out to find new ways his powers can help people. However, his past doesn’t let him go so easily, and now that he has a daughter to protect, things are more complicated than ever.

Especially when she starts showing signs of having powers of her own.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Carnivorous

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After winning constant battle, after battle in the colosseum of ancient rome, Arrius a prestiged fighter, was next paired against several feral lions. Following this dangerous encounter, he was left badly injured and hemoraging from extensive lethal wounds. Before he was mauled by the beasts, they were led back to their cages by soldiers. As the crowd dispersed he knew he was left for dead by the audience who once loudly cheered his name.

An old healer, Antonia, took pity on Arrius and brought him to her home so she could treat his wounds. Though his exterior injuries had since healed, his memory is still scarred with the experience. But when a message arrived, drafting him as a soldier for the Roman army, he knew the worst was yet to come.

Next Book Title: Revolving Doors

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Revolving Doors:

I pulled on the door, stumbling a little bit when it didn’t budge. With a confused frown, I tugged on it again. Was it locked? Why did this always happen to me? I put my foot on the wall and tried to use it as leverage to pull even harder.

“Excuse me? Miss?” a male voice said from behind me. I quickly composed myself before turning to see his amused expression.


Wordlessly, he placed his hand on the door and easily pushed it open.

“God damn it,” I swore under my breath, my face flushing in embarrassment. “I swear if the world doesn’t replace all doors with revolving doors soon I’m going to lose my freaking mind.”

He chuckled, “We can only hope.”

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Ashes Like Snow

There once was a forever prosperous town on the far reaches Terconnia’s coast. They were studious folk who worked hard, and because of this a mysterious man gifted them with extrordinary elemental magical powers. It was a humble and weak magic they possessed, but it was enough for their country’s ruler, King Fernando to order their town burned to the ground out of fear they would turn against him.

Suspecting the worst when he saw the kings soldiers marching in the far distance, the blacksmith urged his wife to take their young child, me, and run as fast and far as she could. I don’t know much about my past, but she told me stories of flaming wooden arrows gleaming in the sun’s rays. As they fell from the blazing firmament, ashes rained from the heavens like snow.

All was fine in our new life, until that mysterious man made another appearance; at our front door.

New Book Title: Shackled Truth

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Shackled Truth:

There was only one man left alive that knew what happened to my mother. He was sentenced to hang from the gallows at dawn. My only chance at knowing the truth was to break him out before then… without getting caught myself.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Dragon Fire

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