What's the Craziest thing you've done !!!


I’ve got boatloads of them…but let’s see what would be appropriate here hehe
once i took the nice fancy van for the rich lady that i was working for when she was out of town and partied the heck out of it …needless to say after that i was fired hahaha


I don’t remember anything crazy recently, but there’s this one time when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. You know the innocent me, just holding scissors and cutting some paper but out of nowhere I got the urge to insert this metallic scissors into an extension wire (that’s plugged in). Then Boom luckily my reflexes were fast and I was able to unhold? (Is that even a word?) the scissors.

And yeah, I was the cause of the power shortage in our whole compound (for about 3 seconds).

I swear why did I even share this, it’s so embarrasing. I deserve hearts for this!

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hahaha you were a very lucky little boy… sometime we do things just for the heck of it…lol

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one time i shaved off my eye bras cuz this cute girl that i was trying to get with she dared me…hahahahaha
I looked like a monk for a month and couldn’t quite tell the truth too

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The craziest thing I’ve done? Is tell God to give me a life.

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True. :laughing: I don’t even know why we do things like that.

Why tho? Were you able to get that girl? That’s what you call dedication

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because she dared me and no :frowning:
she was just teasing me hahaha learning experience


That sucks man. Well… It’s better to learn from experiences XD

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Once I dared to write a book…yes, I know, my life is pathetic.

(I honestly can’t think of anything. Give me a few hours.)

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hahaha I think, we all dared ourselves here to do that…nice one lol

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Lol, cut me some slack, I’ll think of something soon.

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Okay, I remembered some things.

Once I went on for more then a month without talking to my dad, and I only realised it when my mum told me.

Because that was pathetic I’ll share another one.

When I was younger (This is a stupid story, but, iv’e got nothing else) I had two other friends. Whenever we use to fight this specific group of girls that were a grade younger then us(I was in year 5) I use to be the one to do the talking (Which was mostly shouting and cursing) So I was always standing at the front calling these girls bitches while my bf’s would be shocked to hear me use such words. Because I was an innocent; church going girl. Meanwhile the girls we use to fight used to use words that I didn’t understand until I grew up. Words like whore, hoe, c%nt, slut. I used to think I was so bad-ass until I grew up to understand those words.

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Well, I went to a Waldorf school, so I probably did millions of things that are crazy to you but very normal to me. Like standing in the middle of a circle of people, set an arrow to your throat/chest, set the other end of the arrow to a board someone’s holding, and then take a step forward to break said arrow. Or throwing self-made spears at a huge dragon made of wood and cloths. Or watch your classmates jump over fire, and walk over hot coals.
Yeah… high school was such a great time!


I once pretended to be the sister of this random girl I met at lunch break. She wanted me to meet a teacher and ask her something for her. I can’t figure out why I agreed to do that.

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Jumped out of an airplane by myself (skydiving)
Chased a bad guy into a dark railway tunnel with no backup, hoping that a train was going to stop for me cause I asked it to.
Tried to convince a guy not to kill himself as he held a knife to his throat.
Fought a guy who was trying to slash my throat out with a broken beer bottle.
Talked down a guy who was on day parole for first degree murder.

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hahahahaha I like it…made me laugh lol…thank you

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sounds like you’ve had fun in high school…that’s great…kinda curious about walking on hot coals…how ? run?

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did she give you anything at least hahahaha ?


Nope. I was eating alone that day and she just came over and told me to do it. I must have seemed like the kind of idiot who would do something like that if someone had asked.

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