What's the current status of New Adult


Honestly, if Wattpad wants to keep writers around and not lose them to Tapas and Radish, they had to do a monetary programme. It’s the way of the world. People wanna be paid. And it’s bad for Wattpad if huge writers leave. :confused:


Of all the places I’ve posted art, writings, and comics, I have to say…

Drawings & paintings:

  1. deviantART
  2. Tumblr


  1. Tapas
  2. Wattpad
  3. Tumblr


  1. Wattpad
    …not found a good alternative but looking

Lately posting my comics on insta has gotten a lot of traction but no matter what I do I can’t seem to figure out how to amass followings on places like twitter and facebook. My views, likes, shares and whatnot never seem to increase year after year despite being active there.


I meant more that they have to pay to read. I would watch ad after ad forever, but I can’t pay. I can’t work.


Are you me? Because… That’s me too :joy:

For the exact same things. Like… Exactly.


I love Tumblr, but I’m currently mad at it for removing everything 18+.


They’re still working on a way to earn coins like you can on Tapas. (Like watching ads)

But yah… They had to do something. And pay-to-read seems like the logical step to me.


It’s just so much easier to amass followers on tumblr, like I get the algorithm, I understand the follow-back courtesy, the culture, the peak times to submit. But twitter it’s like throwing my stuff into the void and then hearing nothing but wind wooshing noises.


I guess I’m just afraid of change or the idea that they might one day change to where it costs monthly charges to have an account or read. I’d hate to lose my favorite writing site. I grew up as a writer here.

It’d be like losing my childhood home to a walmart.


I never got tumblr. And now I hate the platform for banning NSFW content, so yah. Bye tumblr!

Wattpad is the place I’ve been most successful by far. It seemed like the only place where if you worked hard, you got something out of it. But maybe I just like Wattpad better for the forums. So much easier to try and sell yourself on forums rather than knowing the tag game. (I’ve never understood it. On any site :joy:)


That was a terrible move, and it ran my whole commissions business off of there and back onto deviantART. :frowning_face:

The only reason I can post my comic and art on tumblr still is because the comic is so long that maybe only a fraction of the content is actually NSFW, so I can post the okay pages up. But commissions are usually pin-up, so those all had to go. Hurt me in the wallet quite a bit.


writes one page of story

writes 300 pages of tags

One like


I honestly don’t see that happening. People said the same about Tapas and it still hasn’t happened there either. People were pretty pissed when they rolled in Premium but now it’s working like a charm.

Still waiting patiently for a tipping option :crossed_fingers:


I lost all my favorite sexy gifs (not porn, but I lost that too) I used to write sex scenes.


Honestly yes. I just… Don’t understand them. On Wattpad it’s fairly easy. Genre tags, movement tags that fits with my books, and that’s it :joy:


I agree with preminum. I’m okay with everything they do as long as we can still write and read for free.


Which Allan Lau (the CEO) has been talking very loudly about will always be the main drive for Wattpad.

I’m honestly not worried.


The share story forums are also wayyy better than tags. You have an equal chance unlike millions of tags.


Also with more platforms doing pay-to-read and NA being so popular within self-pub, we might be able breathe more life into it :muscle:


Even with the tag ranks, I’m like… This doesn’t work very well though. I went from not being able to rank because my stories were mature, to being able to rank, and there has been literally no difference. I don’t get them :woman_shrugging:


Honestly I’m ok with dangling my paypal link around and hoping someone throws some loose change in my hat. I’m also putting rly nsfw stuff up on patreon with some success. My worry with tipping on things like this is if the ‘tokens’ are handled in a way where the website takes a sizeable portion of the profits for themselves and if people are interested in patreon or paypal donation boxes already, will they be uninterested in the tipping or token stuff?

*Also if anyone knows about or understands that coffee tipping site, lmk because I have never used it or know if writers do.