What's the current status of New Adult


Ko-fi? Isn’t that fairly good?

And from what I see other comic book artist do, the whole NSFW thing available on Patreon works like a charm! (Especially for gay erotica)


Basically none of the websites out there still let you post that sorta thing, especially comic format like I do, so I guess in a way they helped by banning it on tumblr because now people have no choice but to get it through my Patreon. :thinking:


Smackjeeves, I think, still doesn’t have any censoring on NSFW content. So you could go there, if you still wanna post free content.


I’ve been on Smackjeeves for a long while now but it’s definitely a dying platform. Not much goin on in them hills.

Ko-fi is the one btw! I don’t know how much better or worse it is than other means of donating to creators.


I lost my favorite nsfw painter to Tumblrs ban. She painted huge paintings taller than her. Women, faces, men, random shit. Now she can’t post most of it to any site because of nipples ‘ooohh so scary’ and naked girls.


That’s too bad. A lot of tumblr artists were talking about Pillowfort? Might be worth checking out.

I honestly don’t know either tbh. I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed things about ko-fi


Staff really have no idea how to run that site and I’m astounded it’s even lasted as long as it has.


Exactly. Now it’s a site for depressed teens, nazis (who weren’t attacked like nsfw), child porn bots, and children. And racists.


fill me in on the tea

…or the ko-fi i suppose


They took the artists off their platform and literally left everything bad.


Hahaaaaa :joy:

Honestly it wasn’t anything that had any reliable sources, so I don’t know if it’s fear mongering. But it’s linked with Patreon and how people are afraid NSFW artists are going to be run off the platform.



This is now a Tea Forum.


us nsfw artists will make our own website
with blackjack
and hookers


Sign me up!


I’m so fucking there and I’ll bring my most smuttiest stories too!



Also since this was about YA…

Why don’t we have an erotica genre? We have mature settings, but we all know smut should have its place here.


Anyways, to bring this back on topic. Maybe this is why NA doesn’t do so well? Because there’s often a lot of sexuality playing into the storylines? (I mean, there’s a lot of NA with no sex, but I think it might be a 50/50 thing?)


Appeasing advertisers, I reckon.



Honestly probably because the website creators don’t want the first impression of their website to be something scandalous when the front page is showing off new and upcoming erotica labels and there’s so many dangly parts.