What's the current status of New Adult


But they’re okay with the front page being: One Direction Alpha Male is my Mate *mature

AKA self made teen erotica by most likely a teen virgin. So not only teen erotica, but badly written erotica.


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At least NA has a home here. Even though they merged the YA and the NA account and just called it YA :’)


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There was once a time when there was only 1D fanfiction on here. It was so overwhelmed by this fiction that you couldn’t find anything that wasn’t 1D fiction. It was horrible and everybody was begging for an ignore tag button.




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From what I gather, it refers to stories with characters in the 18-30 bracket (some cut it off earlier but this seems to be what I see floating around the most) But it’s also not just YA with older characters, it’s meant to tackle themes and issues that this age group deals with. Similar to how YA often focussed on friendships and first love, NA might also revolve about romantic relationships, but it’s usually not the characters’ first one. Sex might also be more of a thing (I’ll get to that a little later), other than that, college life, moving into your own place, finding a job (and anything that goes with it), relationships with parents and family and becoming an independent adult in general are all themes that might be part of NA books.

Now, the thing is, that the publishing world did give it a try but they made it the wrong thing, instead of everything I described above, they marketed it as a subgenre of romance with considerably more smut than YA, completely ignoring the fact that there can be NA fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal etc.


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Nah that’s more an example, being in college isn’t a requirement per say. Otherwise I’d have never become an adult myself.

More that kind of milestone, where no longer is your hand being held, and your being guided through life, and you have to pursue your goals on your own.

As I said, that’s the theory of it. Reality is a lot murkier, when people have overprotective parents like I did.

Now I happen to write the kind of stories that tend to cross-over YA and New Adult, which probably also creates a bit of confusion. My last Light Novel, for example, started out with the main characters being around 13-14.

But by the end they’re around 22-23. For whatever reason, they call that New Adult, rather than a crossover book.

Light Novels in general, while somewhat approximating Young Adult, encompasses a larger age gap of readers, generally those between 10-30. It encompasses sub target audiences like: Seinin, Shounen, Shojo, Josie, Yaoi, and Yuri.


Hahaha :rofl: Thank you though, this really helps.


I find it blurry sometimes, as there are cases where a parent would try to keep someone independant into their twenties. Not the norm I don’t think, but it’s a lot of why you’ll find weird things that aren’t easily classified as either middle grade, young adult, and new adult based on the different rates people mature.

I wrote a story once where a twenty year old, was being read middle grade novels, do to some underlying mental issues related to trauma.

I still need to expand on that, as that was always left vague. (It’s an apocalypse, if that says anything.)


I similarly have a little trouble defining lines where my characters ‘young adult experiences’ are due to the story not being exactly your typical ‘growing up and going to college’ tale. My characters end up doing/going through a lot of things that are a bit odd, and may have more dependence, trauma or confusion than would be the more ‘wow sure miss home now that I live in my dorm’ stories.

But that’s the fun part; all stories are different. ^^


In the one I’m thinking of, part one is New Adult, part two is Young Adult, part three is Adult, and the epilogues are a reaaaallly dark Middle Grade. (Closer to Young Adult.)

It seems like whenever the falling action happens, there is a reset, and everything becomes dark middle grade again.

Even the last parts are … technically New Adult, the MC just thinks she’s a teenager. (Largely do to memory loss related to trauma.)


I read this recently:

I think it outlines the importance of keeping YA and NA separate. And why we need NA.


I just found out about the New Adult genre and that my stories fall under there, so hearing this is kinda sad. I thought it would be as popular as Young Adult.


It is and it isn’t.

The people who grew up with the YA boom of the 00’s have grown up and are demanding more mature YA. (Aka NA) But NA has been pushed to be one thing. “Mature romances”. And that’s basically where we’re at. YA is becoming less and less for teens and more and more for adults while masquerading as teen books. Because no one wants to market books as NA :confused:


Additionally, there is a lot of science fiction themes that almost seem to inevitably cross-over with New Adult themes as well, though I don’t mean specifically technology, but more concept of identity and self.

Some novels, if written today, I wonder if they would have been classified as New Adult, or what Yen Press and Tokyopop call “Older Teen.”

Ex. It’s not exactly clear how old Henry Dorsen Case is.


Why doesn’t anyone want to market books as NA though? :confused: Like there seems to be an audience for it.


Because it’s been mis-promoted as “mature romances” - aka. smutty romances. Usually involving a good girl and a bad boy.