What's the deal with genre results?

I am aware of the bug that is currently affecting new stories showing up in the search results - and it has resolved itself, at least for me, but I bumped into another rather awkward issue: the books don’t show up in the genres.

For example, I tagged my story in the ‘paranormal’ genre - and although I’d understand if it didn’t show up anywhere in hot, it also does not show up when you sort by newest. This is rather strange since I think tags and genres are the main way for people to find my stories - how am I supposed to get people to read them if they don’t even show up in the genres that are most important to the book?

Unfortunately, Wattpad cares little about promoting new stories. Many sites show new content on the homepage - on Wattpad, what is the first thing you see? The books that make them money.


I’m not so sure this is fixed either.

I just posted a new story and it does not come up when I search the title or my name.

I’d assume WP is just experiencing glitches like crazy- and like normal- right now and we will just have to wait it out.

The tags and rankings have not worked optimally for a while now. If you want views on a new story, you’re better off advertising it here on the forums or joining reading clubs and R4R groups.

This fixed itself for me in 2-3 days time so it might take a little bit.

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Yeah, I am currently doing that, and it works, but for a platform promoting stories I find it a bit shady that it seems only the paid and popular stories are getting any attention, even if you filter on new :s

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Homepage I find not so strange - site needs to exist, too. But it is strange that when filtering on new you don’t actually get the new stories.


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