What's the dumbest thing you have ever done?


Personally, the dumbest thing I have ever done in my entire miserable life is putting a pencil inside an electrical outlet just because our psychics’ teacher said it was dangerous and I wanted to prove her wrong.


Half my life is dumb decisions.


But what is the DUUUMBEEESTTTT thing you think you have done?


I honestly am not sure xD Opening the fridge to throw trash in it?


Talking about fridges, one day I bought chocolate and instead of placing the chocolate in the fridge I put my wallet… searched it for a couple days before I realized it was in there. YOU WANNA FIGHT ME IN STUPIDITY


One time I hid chocolate in my pj’s pockets and then went to sleep.

r.i.p. pockets


why would you hide chocolate in your pj :joy::joy:


I don’t remember xD So I wouldn’t get up and pick 'em


your laziness levels seriously interest me

well, once I put some red sweatpants and a white dress in the washing machine… didn’t end nicely


it wasn’t laziness, it’s so I wouldn’t get caught next to the chocolate bowl xD


and what would happen if they caught you…? should i call the police lmao


idek i was young ok?






I didn’t read the terms and conditions before signing what I didn’t realize was a contract. Now, I might have to go to court to stop them from charging me a lot of money for basically… nothing.

Try to top me. :lumi:


clap intensifies

bra-vo. seems like something you would do :kissing_heart: DON’T KILL ME–


Ahaha. In my defense, I succumbed to peer pressure and was tricked.


Here’s something else dumb:

It was afternoon. I was acting on autopilot and instead of washing my hands, I brushed my teeth. It was only afterwards did I realize that it wasn’t morning. :joy:


I rejected a call-back from a place that was offering a job with a starting wage of $24/h


I applied for a job to sell knives.

I didn’t realize it was a scam.

At least I quit the first day of training.