What's the favourite part of your own story. Quote, Rate.

Hey everyone, I’d like to play a game. I don’t now if there’s already a topic like this, but I couldn’t find one, so here it goes.

*Read your predecessors part or quote first.
*Rate it.
*Add feedback. Top-Tip-Top (this is important! So compliment-improvement-compliment)
*Post the favourite, part, quote from your book.

I’m starting off with mine and I’ll also rate :smiley:

Conversation between two best friends in chapter 2(Back when everything was still cute:P):

“He asked me on a date already.”
“He sure doesn’t beat around the bush!”
“I have a problem though… and I desperately need your help!”
“Haha, noooooo outfit drama.”

It does seem cute. Not too big of a fan of the drawn out ‘noooooo’ though, it’s just too many 'o’s for me. I like that ‘zit’ is their immediate jump to.

Interaction between two characters who are, in fact, not a couple and who have never had sex (with each other), but who crash in the other’s bedroom often.
Also, I have many, many stories, so if they thread takes off I may be back with other scenes from other stories.

“If you keep sleeping in here, you might as well move your clothes from the other room.”

“And give the neighbors more reason to think we’re a couple?”

“I highly doubt any of our gossipy neighbors will have the opportunity to go through our dresser draws.” He slid his legs over the side of the bed, turning away to hide the teasing smile on his face. “Even so, we’re already sleeping together, clothes are such a minor detail in comparison.”

The bed dipped behind him a second before a hand slapped him upside the back of the head.


These sound like such good characters. The last sentence was slightly confusing to me, but made much more sense the second time I read it. This was so adorable and goofy. I live for that kind of fluff.

“Sky,” Lincoln murmured, and I looked up at him. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but if something does… if I never see you again, I want to…”

He turned so we were face to face, and I stood up straighter. He put his thumb under my chin, lifting it up. I looked in his eyes as he tipped his head gently to one side, bending down, letting his lips touch mine. It wasn’t anything passionate, really, just a sort of confession to each other, a way of saying that we were each other’s world.

In science, a long time ago, middle school, the teacher was talking about the world of sprawling stars. We spent a class talking about binary stars. Binary stars are two celestial bodies—stars as the name suggests—that are bound together as they orbit around the same point. I could give you a more scientific definition, but it probably wouldn’t be right. Science was never my forte.

When I learned about the phenomenon, I was in the height of my romantic stupidity, longing for fictional characters that were too perfect and too, well, not real. The term binary stars and the way two people in the great romances orbit around their mutual love and dedication forever became linked in my head. The kiss became the point me and Lincoln orbited around. Me and Lincoln became the stars, forever bound together to travel parallel paths, always together in the great void of the universe.

this is from the height of my paranormal romance, so if you don’t like romance or kissing, you might want to wait a bit


Haha I can imagine it can be annoying, but in this case I used it, because I really wanted to reflect the fun friendship vibe they have as young adults who are still too childish for their age :joy::joy:

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I figured out how to read it.

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Ah. Thanks :slight_smile:

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No idea :joy:

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I like it a lot (giving you a real good rating). :smile:

It’s very interesting the way you “bound together” stars and romance. And I learned a little about stars considering science was never my forte either.

This is from my final chapter 12 (Dark Image)

You haven’t seen my “SPECIAL DRAWINGS”, the ones in my safe."
The ones where, “STALKING YOUR IMAGE” played the hardest. You got all crazy, and I had to contain you.
You did things like, “throw a Cardboard Cut-Out Of Me” on the ground and dance all over it, being all wild.



The conversation is funny, which is good :smiley:
I do think that the last two sentences could be written more clearly.
I like the joke, about neighbors not being able to see the drawers.

The funny thing is… I kind of like it, but I don’t understand it, which kind of gets me interested in your story :joy:

Aww thanks :heart:

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I like it too, it’s one of the things that’s cool about writing, being able to merge two separate things into one…

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It’s so cool. It’s really fun too.

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