What's the first thing your MC says?

Pretty straightforward! What’s the first thing your MC says in your story? Put as many characters as you’d like!

I’ll start things off:

Phoebe: “Hello, I’m here for a favour—”
Owen: “It’s actually Josephine Charpentier.
Isaac: “Sorry! I’ll go, I’ll go—”


Willow Chase: “Oh no!”
Alex: “NO, NO, NO!”
as you can see they’re giant messes lol

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Kae: “Dully!” (Another charcater’s name)
A.R: " “What are you looking at? It’s your fault that we are even in this mess.”
Slicks: “Well, aren’t you a flirty one, georgous.”
Ranelle: “I’m glad you are enjoying it. It’s the best burgers in town. I’m Ranelle by the way.”
Dully: "“I missed you too. You should’ve come visited me in the summer or Christmas. It would’ve been more fun. Now it’s January, and the semester has started again.”

Red: “What’s your name?”
Maisie: “My name is Maisie. I am a shifter. I will not be conditioned to forget. I will survive,"

Ada: “Welcome to Crystal’s Coffee Shop.”

Tom: “Thank you. I feel welcome.”

(you can kind of guess those go together.

Jeff: “You were out late.”

Britt: “What was your car doing in town so late?”

Rebecca: “Yeah. My mom had it. She started showing symptoms in her thirties, but we didn’t know what it was until much later.”

Peter: “Is mom going to die?”

All the way in chapter five from The Alpha’s Flame, my one and only MC can finally telepathically speak.

Zanixa: ‘Yes! I can hear you!’

Greatest dialogue ever

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Oh, this sounds interesting!

Leara: “You better keep your hands to yourself, you monkey.” (yeah, she’s intense)

Reneth: “I can’t believe you still read these children’s stories.”

Nate: “Hey Ellie.”

Flora: “It’s okay, I just want to help you.”

All different stories in various stages.

Medora: “Like ghost lights?”

Gene: “Yeah! Yeah, like those things. They’re ghosts, right?”

Medora: "Most of its bioluminescent microorganisms or natural gas, but there’s lots of—”

Ilene: “Ghosts aren’t real. They can always put shit in fire to make it change color. I used to do it all the time in the winter.”

Nothing like drinking in a graveyard with your wasted bffs and being a nerd while talking about a magic show. Don’t sit on graves, kids.

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Samuel: “Jeez, Samuel…”
Mikael: “Sammy?”
Lenilae: “I was just wondering…No, no, nevermind.”

These all seem so boring but my story is a Slice-of-Life novel, so I guess that’s why.

Sorch: “Me smart orc!”

Mist of Doom

Jyuji: This is a good place to rest. I smell no humans here… But it stinks like hell!

Understanding Teenagers

Liam: “Well, I just graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson a month ago as an English Major."
Ava: Why are we at this coffee place? It has terrible reviews
Giselle: “Dude, we go to Starbucks all the time.”

The Element of Life

Elliot: “I’m a young lover’s rage. Gonna need a spark to ignite.”
Jasmine: “My song knows what you did in the dark.”
Regina: “So I heard that Elliot cheated on you.”

Yang: "I knew your highness would come for my help, but I did not think it would be so soon. How have you been, Princess?”

Randall Crescent: “Well, excuse me, Doctor. I am not your boss; your Client.”

Irene: “Do you want to see whether I’m rusty or not? Why not see who can pull the trigger faster.”

I have many stories so prepare.

To Believe in Peter Pan
Lili: “I’m positive I’m Lili. I don’t think so; I know so.”
Pan: “Step aside, boys.”
Felix: “Nobody who’s going to hurt you.”
Lia: “Where do you think you’re going?”

To Believe in the Demon King
Asa: “It doesn’t matter to any of you.”

Lost Girl in Neverland
Aria: “No, no-no!”
Peter: “Nothing, I’m just curious. I’ve never seen a girl here, at least not after Wendy.”

Unnatural Desires
Mya: “You guys can be so adorable yet so disgusting at the same time.”
Eli: “I just want to remind you now that there’s no point in us ever speaking to each other. We are classmates, nothing more. Let’s try to enjoy our year by forgetting each other’s existence.”
Juliet: “I’m sorry but this man can’t help himself from anything to do with me.”

The Perfect Man
Noah: “Are you calling about the ad? May I ask who I’m speaking with?”
Ava: “Home sweet home…”
Tyler: “Hello, Ava. I’m Tyler Baker. I will be your new soulmate.”

Beauty of a Crimson Soul
Angel: “My apologies, Mr. Dyer. I am your guardian angel.”
Ayden: “This has got to be one of your worse days yet. Bloody hell, you’re talking to yourself, Ayden.”

Lost in the Deep Blue Sea
Raina: “You can answer your own question.”
Mr. Pan: “Usually there aren’t any mermaids when I come down here. I don’t come here often but I sure know I never see mermaids at Mermaid Lagoon.”
Cora: “Why don’t you ever sing out loud? It’s a mermaid tradition.”
Viviane: “We tried to warn you, Raina. Why do you think mermaids have created the society we live in? We did it for a reason.”

Family Traditions
Holly: “Just things I happen to like. Things that interest me.”
Aalia: “Oh please, just call me Lia.”

Meant to Be
Kitty: “All I did was set the tarantulas free. I say it’s not punishment worthy.”
Holly: “Come on. Let’s go to lunch. I want to eat Subway. That’s what I’m craving.”
Lizzie: “What animal rights are we talking about? Because nobody denies that animals are abused. But we as a society benefit off animals in many ways.”
Cerise: “Welcome to my, welcome to my, ooh.”
Daring: “Wow, an alto. Impressive. Almost as impressive as my voice.”
Dexter: “Are you sure this is a good idea?”
Chase: “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”
Alistair: “Hello, Kat.”



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Roy: “What’s the code?”

Manny: “You’re awake. Really awake.”

I’ll just write my main character’s first line because I like it :joy:

Book: The stolen year:arrow_heading_down:

Mia: “Get out of my way.”


“Everyone, take care of yourselves.” -Grey from the story I’m writing now.

“I fly where I like.” -Rexorax from the dragons tale.

“Here… You tell more stories?”

Thea: “Liam?”

George: “Go away!”

Jax: “Thea, are you all right?”

They don’t seem to say much for their first lines, do they?