What's the funniest typo, gaffe, or overall ridiculous sentence you've discovered while editing your story?

Almost nothing tickles me more than being in the middle of editing and discovering something completely ridiculous that I somehow missed on the first pass. For instance:

“It was like a bong had just exploded.” (typo --> “bomb”)

“His face turned so red it was purple.”

“She appeared to be in the remains of what had once been a field.” (think about this for a moment)

“The cake was as round as a moon – a waning gibbous just past its zenith of fullness. Someone had deliberately shaved off a corner.”

“Jane felt her stomach dive down into the region of her pelvis. Which, having taken anatomy, the author can officially say is a terrible place for your stomach to be.”

“She was so far from being a true treat that she was nothing more than a toy for him.” (typo --> ‘threat’)

“The sight filled her with emptiness.”

What are your funny editing discoveries? Share them here!

I’d been editing my story for years, but it was only after I posted it to Wattpad that someone pointed out I’d used the wrong name in one of my chapters. Instead of Rover, I’d called him Tom. A character who’s supposed to be dead T_T

They were like…“wait what I thought he died” lmao.

I don’t know how I missed that upon every single one of my re-reads.


I had it happen once that I meant to write, “You’re beginning to understand your fate.” Instead it came out, “You’re beginning to understand you’re fat.”

That was probably fifteen years ago, and my writing partner still hasn’t let me live it down, lol.


Ahahahahaha that’s amazing! :smiley:

When a character asked why the shop owner wasn’t in his shop after talking to him in the previous chapter about how he was going to walk another character home while the first character went to the shop. Basically they knew the shop owner was doing something else, but then got all annoyed when they found out he wasn’t at his shop, and that wasn’t on purpose… I sort of forgot the previous part happened, but luckily I caught it upon re-reading.


The tom one killed me! I did that with the MAIN character of my first story. I did not finish for about a year so when I decided to. I did not look back on previous chapter! But my most shameful was when I was writing a serious backstory and explained the wreck only to mess up on tree and car! so, it was bascially he wrapped his tree around a car!


I forgot a character existed once. I commented something like ‘where did this random character come from?’ and my co-author was like what are you talking about they were introduced like 5 chapters ago. Not my finest moment. :laughing:


Less of my story so far, but my outline and dump dox is literally so weird. When I go back and check it for notes I laugh and wonder what the heck was running through my head.

Probably the best example: “Don’t trust the King and Queen. They want you dead after the coronation.” Soren tells Amberleigh of the sacrifice and Amberleigh is like, bruh I know – but why are you telling me? And he’s like well yo I’m actually a rebel spy. Chitter chatter



That is hilarious! Atleast you had your co-author.


Lmao sounds interesting! needless to say as a reader on your story I would be like tf?! followed by hysterical laughing!


I was challenged by one of my friends to actually try to work in chitter chatter into my story somehow :joy:

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Yeah, otherwise that could have lead to some even more hilarious mistakes. :rofl:

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That would be so epic! You should totally do it! You would get a lot of laughs from your audience.

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Right! :rofl:

I guess I have to put it now lol


Yeah, I have to agree I would find it pretty amusing to be reading and just be like: “Wait what, ‘chitter chatter’ ?”

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I love reading/ writing stuff like that. Makes it seem more real since people mess up on words

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I can’t even count the amount of times I found “teh” in place of “the”
Not that big of a mistype but happens every time…


Very simple mistake