What's the word count you strive for per chapter?

Excluding prologue/epilogue.

I know it differs per person, and a lot of people end a chapter where it works for them.

But I’m still curious.

2K average for me, but I’m just writing my first story.


For me it’s about 1-2k words. Not too short or too long and I end it at the end of the scene so the next chapter is a different scene. A few chapters have been a bit under 1k but only by a hundred or two words and that’s cause I couldn’t add more just for filler it needed to end there for the next scene/part (:


I’ve heard so many different things. I’ve heard like … 2k-3k. I’ve heard up to 4k-5k which is super long. But I mostly go off what I feel works best. My first chapter is over 2k and the second is a little under I think. I believe it should be what feels right. I’m sure I will have random short chapters and some longer ones later too. If it works with the story, do it. But if you’re determined to have a certain number, I’d aim for about 2k as that seems like the most popular average on here that I’ve seen.


Well I’ve just began writing my first Wattpad and I aim to have over 1000+ words in each chapter. I’ve currently written five parts (1 published excluding the prologue) and they have a total of 7500 words. :grin:

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2000 is what I tend to go for, sometimes it ends up being slightly more or slightly less.

I make sure it’s above 1k words.


I think it depends on the story, but ultimately it also depends on what you’re trying to achieve for that chapter.

I tend treat mine based on imaginary “parts” I have. Once I’ve finished writing that part, and it feels like there’s all that there is to say about it, then I start a new chapter.

Stopping and starting a new chapter are just as useful a tool as full stops, ellipses, and comma’s.
Sometimes it’s just the right time to stop and start a new chapter ya know?

My first story averaged a little over one-thousand words (I think) per chapter? My current one tends to reach over 2000 per chapter because it feels right?

I kinda didn’t answer the question… Have some encouragement instead: You can got this. Go with your heart. I believe in you.

I like to be in the middle. I strive for 2k to 5k per chapter so I can appeal to a wider audience. Some love short chapters while others like it longer. So staying in the middle is a good compromise. ^^

At least 2.5k. Anything under that feels too short and underdeveloped.

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This is incredibly kind, and I appreciate it.

For my chapters in my new book, I like to aim for 1000 to 2000 words per chapter. It really depends how much of a cliff hanger I want to leave :slight_smile:

The first chapters of my story are between 1.5k and 2.5k, but now that I’m past the introductory chapters, my word count is more between 2.5k and 3k.

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Depends. For my Fantasy stories in 3rd Person I am happy as long as the chapters are over 1.5k and under 5k.

However, for my ONC submission which is in first person I am happy with 1k chapters and it works well. At least from my standpoint.


For my fantasy novel, I aim for anything above 1.2 k.

Mine somehow in a range 1k - 2k

My range is normally 1.5k-2.8k

I often get caught up in trying to put too much to reach a goal like this if I focus on it. It should be quality, over quantity, the chapter should end where necessary.

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I write between 1k-3k. I usually, start with 1k, but when editing, or going back to it later, I tend to add more stuff and details so it grows.


Anytime ^-^