What's the "X meets Y" pitch of your story?

What collision of 2 (or 3) books/movies/TV shows best describes your story?


My book, The Ephemeral (Book One: Breeder) is: Lord of the Rings meets Mulan meets The Mortal Instruments.

(I think the X meets Y pitch is a great way to see what kind of story you might have to offer without delving into too much detail!)

Plz keep it short and simple, and as always, stick to forum guidelines :slight_smile:

My story, The Willow Corpse series, is a scramble of Coraline, the greek myth of Orpheus and Erudyce, and Over The Garden Wall!

Mix some modern settings and teenage angst in and you’ve got the entirety of the story✨


Damn. That’s hard for my book, The Lightning Tyrant. There are too many nuances.

Lord of the Rings meets Sherlock and a smidge of Deadpool

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Well, my story is still in the planning stage so I haven’t even started yet. Still, what I would like to do is have it have a combination of these three things.

Tower of God meets Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion meets Durarara!!

How am I going to pull this off? I wonder…

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Mine isn’t a book/movie/TV show. It’s more of like “reel meets real” cuz of a lot of things…

my upcoming book, the black swordsman is fairy tail meets sword art online meets one piece

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My book, Dragon Tales is: How to Train Your Dragon meets Cinderella meets Game of Thrones.

I think :joy: that was actually pretty tough

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My current wip, Housekeeping is sort of like Me Before You meets Days of our Lives meets… The Outsiders (?), I guess

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Mist of Doom

Gungrave meets Legend of Legaia meets Kekkai Sensen

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Garden knight is Bugs life meets fantasy tropes (?) not sure lmao.

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Witchwork is Sabrina meets Supernatural, which are… in hindsight, not all that different. :slight_smile: