whats true love to you?


true love for me is never letting your loves past ruin what you both have…the love and trust to share with one another. Now I’m single and I know that love isn’t going leave me and I know that I’m not leaving love as well. But please share your thoughts so we can all share what true love means to everyone in the here and now! :smiley:


For me true love is understanding and accepting.

Accepting the fact that you’re partner is not you but an individual with their own thoughts and feelings. It might sound strange but there are so many instances and even stories where the one person changed completely for the other or expects them to do so. For me that is not love. Relationship is a cool thing, when we are together we change for better, but as an individual we still have our individuality.

Also understanding privacy. You can love someone more than your life but that doesn’t mean that you are obliged to tell them everything right?

Just my definition.




It’s a lot of things. For me it’s feeling like the best version of yourself when you are with that person. It’s someone who shares their dessert with you. Let’s you wear their socks because you forgot your and your feet are cold. Loads your suitcase onto the scale at the airport because you overpacked again. Drinks you last diet coke but buys more to replace them. Pops your knuckles for you. Watch movies or tv shows you don’t like because they are important to the other person. Goes out and gets you pizza because you crave it late at night. And the list goes on. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures. It’s the little every day things that make the difference.


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That’s a tough one. I guess for me it means regarding the well-being of another person as being just as important as your own. You want what is best for them just as you want what is best for yourself. True love will accept you as you are, but also push you to be even better and help you along the way.

Also, I think love just has to do with your choices and behavior towards another person. If you love someone, you will make time for them, you will go out of your way to do things for them that you know they appreciate, you will put down your fucking phone for two seconds and just talk to them. Attention. That is huge. You give genuine attention to things you love, maybe not all the time, but pretty regularly. And little things go a long way.


True love to me is a mutual understanding between partners, with shared feelings and emotions. When both truly care for each other.
I hate stories with an overly dominate guy, and a submissive female that doesn’t want to be there. It’s not “romance”, unless you plan to change the characters into a mutual relationship. (Which most authors do not do.)


LOL :joy:


True love is the act of sacrifice for another.


both plain and Hawaiian…




Oxytocin and vasopressin.


The phone thing is more important than people realize. If I’ve found a man who will just turn it off when he’s in my company, I’ll know I’ve found a good one.


Exactly! There’s so many of those stories - that’s not love, that’s abuse and brain washing.


Nothing drives me nuts like seeing couples at a restaurant both playing around on their phones the whole meal. Why even bother going out together? Sharing a meal together is supposed to be bonding time.

I mean, I won’t lie. Sometimes my wife and I do just sit on the couch and fuck around on our devices. We’re both introverts and sometimes we want to be in each other’s company without necessarily talking to each other. But we don’t make a habit of it. We try to make sure we make time every day to just sit and talk to each other. I feel like so many relationships end up dying a long, slow death because people just simply stop talking to each other.


I agree…


You didn’t see what their feet were doing under the table? :smirk:


What is true love to me?

That is an interesting question. My answer; however, is a combination of experience, philosophy, and what I have seen in successful couples.

I would have to say that true love is both a decision and a sacrifice. It is sacrificing your entire self for the good of the other person. Meaning that you give that person all your time, attention, money, hopes, dreams, all that you have, and more. This sacrifice has to be a decision of the will and cannot be forced. Forcing someone to love you is not love but abuse.