What's wrong with definitions in blurb summaries?

  • Nothing, dear.
  • Nothing at all.

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I feel like they don’t talk about what the actual plot is. Especially if it’s just that and no summary.


ah. i personally find the lack of details to be raw. but good raw. Like sushi


Eh, preferences are preferences. They’re kinda pointless to me.


preferences or definition blurbs?


Definition blurbs xD


oh okay

im dumb .dun judge


What do you mean by definitions? Do you mean something like this: cat - Furry domesticated pet that is master of humans.

To me if that’s all the blurb is, it tells me nothing about the story. I read the blurb to get an idea of what is in the book. I need to know who the MC is at the very least and get a sense of the why. A definition on it’s own doesn’t do that for me. It’s a lot like an excerpt only blurb so I wouldn’t pick up a book if that’s all I saw.


i feel like the word chosen to be defined says a lot about the story. like if the story was called cat, and the blurb was as you said, i think that’d tell us that this will either involve absurdist humor or follow something involving cats as masters of humans and that’s gud enuf ykno


Depends on the execution imo.


yea dats tru


Honestly, to me there would be no context to the word chosen. If it’s a word made up specific to the book then okay, but if it’s just a common word why would I care? It would just come off as trying too hard to be different. I prefer traditional blurbs. It has to be something truly special to draw me in otherwise.


I can see one instance where this would work really well.

lumi (n.): a person who [blah blah blah]

Like if you do a parody of a dictionary definition but you define your character in it.

That could be compelling to read, especially if it’s done well.


Eh, seen it too many times it doesn’t intrigue me. Especially when it’s a word I already know the meaning of. Ugh.


the word is usually contextualised cus its the book title most of the time. i think. i haven’t really checked them all.


dis gud idea.


ohohoh but do you know the meaning of mauerbauertraurigkeit???


I think it kind of depends. I don’t find anything wrong with a definition IN a summary, but AS a summary is a whole other issue. The whole point of a summary is to summarize what the story is about. If you don’t explain what it is about, then you’re kind of risking a chance to gain potential readers.

Just like excerpts. There is nothing wrong with putting it in a summary, but using it as a summary is an issue because it doesn’t tell your audience what it’s about.


I’d prefer that over the “in which” trend.


I wonder if anyone noticed I mocked the “in which” trend in one of my thread titles.