What's your favorite Horror Movie and why?


Mine is the original Ring series. The first movie has so much tension and a nice progression of character development. It’s really good to watch them in concession. And the third one ties everything in quite nicely. The trilogy is definitely an inspiration, especially for psychological aspects :smile:


Event Horizon.

Not necessarily as an example of how to do things right, or most seriously, but it does not fail to entertain me.

Another one is WaxWork II which is Horror/Comedy that also manages to parody various Horror, Science-Fiction and some Fantasy genre movies. It’s bad, but it’s one of my favorites ever.

WaxWork (the first one) I think attempted to play things straight as a Horror movie and was just accidentally hilarious and cheesy, so they just went for comedy with the sequel.


Event Horizon. I love that movie. It’s one of those movies where I actually kept second guessing myself with who the bad person was because I really got into the acting.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched Waxworks 2. The first one is hilarious.

Oh, and another movie I love is Evil Dead. Man that movie is a lot of fun


Bruce Campbell who is in the Evil Dead movies plays a supporting roll in WaxWork II as a sort of parody of the professor type figure in The Haunting.

Actually, I do rather like The Haunting movies (there being multiple adaptations). They are that more eerie, suspenseful supernatural Horror, as opposed to some movies which are a bit move jumpscare or gore or action.

And that reminds me: Crimson Peak.


Nice. I’m a fan of Bruce Campbell. I love his cheesy one liners.

Have you watched any of Ash vs Evil Dead? It reminds me of the black comedy of the third Evil Dead movie, but with effects similar to a Supernatural feel


I keep meaning to watch the series, but I just haven’t got round to it. It looks like something I would enjoy.


It’s so funny. It always gets me into fits of giggles. Lucy Lawless plays a pretty good part too. I really like the supporting characters too. I think it’s a really well balanced cast for the show


The Babadook :slight_smile:
I love how you can see the monster in physical form, when really it’s psychological, it’s in their heads. I also like that the majority of the movie is in the house with just the mother and her kid and the isolation along with the lack of makeup and dark lighting really set the mood without a need for major jumpscares.


I hate jump scares with a passion. The dark psychological tensions grip you so much better. I watched Split last night, and man, that movie is good. So much tension…


And I hate The Conjuring 'cause of its jumpscares :slight_smile:
Ah, I haven’t gotten a chance to watch Split.


I hate most horror in general from the 00’s to now because most films jumped into the jump scare train. I really hate that, so now I’m very fussy with what I watch horror wise.




Not exactly horror, (or maybe it is? lol, I still get confused with the difference between thriller and horror) but I LOVE the short film Dog Food!! It gave me the feeling of dread and the twist at the end!! So good~ :clap::clap::clap:


This is just layman’s terms of the top of my head but Thrillers are usually “thrilling” as opposed to “chilling”. Like, instead of a story about characters running away and hiding from a monster, maybe characters are running after a masked killer to catch them.


Haha, I get it but at the same time, I find them both similar depending on how the story goes. That’s just me, though. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


@Lilly_B_L It is a good question.

In terms of movies (and this is somewhat true with horror and thriller books I guess) I think of thrillers having menace but also some kind of action, not necessarily car chase type action, but ticking time bomb timeframes and plot devices. Like, there can be a crime thriller, or a political thriller, or mystery thriller, or what have you. Someone is menaced. They have to stop someone or escape someone or prove their innocence. It’s usually not supernatural although one could possibly have a thriller with religious themes. The audience is excited, anxious, on the edge of their seat.

Horror movies can be about bodily harm type menace but aren’t usually about threat to one’s reputation. The fear is more like the character fears for their very life or soul.

There are movies about fear of compromising one’s moral code. Like Saw movies seem to be about the fear of compromising one’s moral code in addition to fear of bodily harm or death. (at least the first few I saw.) Those would be more Horror, I guess, but that’s just my cultural impression that gore/splatter in movies goes more with Horror.

And Horror moves aren’t necessarily as edge-of-your-seat as Thrillers. I mean, a slow-paced supernatural suspense movie is within Horror still. There’s suspences, but there’s not the same ticking-time-bomb sort of pace or plot device.

Not that there aren’t also Action/Horror movies which a lot (not all) contemporary Zombie movies end up being. The emphasis isn’t always as much on whether someone will be transformed into the living dead and eat their family (fear for life and morality) but how well or long they can fight and survive.

What do you think?


And with thriller you tend to know the threat as well. With horror, not so much, but it’s more about the unknonw in that case.

Different cultures definitely play a part too. Everyone has their own interpretations of both horror and thriller


The unknown is a good point.

It seems that works out as true when I think about it, now you said it. Like, in a thriller, the character may not necessarily know why everything is happening at first, or who is the one pulling the strings, but they know of an immediate concrete danger. Their car just exploded or agent popped out of the woodwork or police just blamed them for killing their spouse or an artifact just arrived in the mail from a dead person.

In a different form of Horror story, less may be known up front. There’s not even always a concrete visible danger. Maybe friends just keep disappearing from within the same house. What is happening? What even is going on? Something just grabbed the boyfriend and pulled him under water, but what? All of a sudden the power went out everywhere? How will we live? What just touched me? Why are there tentacles in the sky?


Lol. Tentacles in the sky. Now you’ve reminded me of Emrakul from Magic: The Gathering lol.

But yeah, there’s a lot of differences, but sometimes the line can be a little blurred sometimes.


LOL. Different forms of sky tentacles also happen in both Hellboy and Skyline and likely movies I can’t think of right now. Tres Lovecraftian.