What's your favorite Horror Movie and why?


I have still got to read Lovecraft again. It’s been way too long. The books just chilling on the shelf. I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point.

And yeah, tentacles in sky are in all sorts of things, especially anime. Legend of the Overfiend comes to mine. I like that plot. It’s a dark Adam and Eve kind of vibe, but what the anime/manga is well known for, is a downfall :frowning:


@KaranSeraph @JMills Those are all good points. And I do try to separate into what can be considered horror, and what can be considered thriller, but when I can’t place it specifically, I either group them together (horror/thriller) or go with what I think it’s most like.


I agree. There are a lot of horror thrillers about too. I tend to do the same thing when watching films at times.


Stay Alive has always been my favorite. Some of it still freaks me out, even though I’m an adult! I just love the whole idea of a horror game becoming real. Not to mention, the murderer (Elizabeth Bathory) is kind of based on a real person, back in the 1500s. :flushed:

Hush was a good, creepy one. I love the creepy-cabin-in-the-woods-and-murderer plots (in fact, that’s what my current story is like), and this one is one of the bests because it deals with a Deaf character!

A Quiet Place is my current favorite for this year! It’s creepy, it’s thrilling, I just love it.

The Final Destination series is good one! My favorite is the third installment. Honestly, after I watched it, I kind of freaked out over roller coasters. I mean, I still go on 'em, but it makes me think I’m gonna die.

1408 is a creepy, ghostly one! Funny story: I grew up in hotels and some of them were kind of haunted (of course, not as bad as room 1408) but this kind of made it interesting.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is pretty freaky! Dead bodies are freaky, so… when a dead witch is mixed in? Yeah, it’s a good lets-not-sleep-tonight movie.

Alien franchise has to be on the list! Classic, always scary. What can I say? That alien thing is freaky!

Case 39 is interesting. Kind of sad, but it’s good! There’s just a lot of good creepiness to it, especially since children is added into the mix.

Hidden (2015) is very intriguing! This is one of the best zombie movies I’ve ever seen! And it comes with an extreme twist at the end!


1408 was really good and I enjoyed it. With the mention of gaming, it reminded me of a really weird, but good movie. Have you ever heard of Existenz?

It’s a really good movie from the late 90’s aboit virtual reality gaming


It is! And no, I haven’t seen it. I’ll be sure to, though! :grin: Sounds pretty cool!


Nice. Yeah, it’s a very bizarre movie but tackles the psychological issues that gaming can represent sometimes. It’s one of those movies that you have to go with the flow and then everything makes sense in the end. And the cast is interesting too. Jude Law doesn’t do a bad job. It’s weird seeing him young


The Shining. There is nothing scarier than little girls that stand at the end of a hall saying, “Come play with us, Danny. Forever and ever.” Also, seeing Jack making out with an attractive woman, who slowly turns into an old decaying dead woman, damn creepy.

But, it’s also my favorite because I can relate to Jack when he’s writing and Wendy interrupts him. “Do you know how long it’s going to take me to get back to where I was before…” You have no idea how many times I wish I had an ax.


hahaaha, that movie is a classic. There’s definitely things that people interrupt as scary.

Christine was good too. I liked how the older chap (forgotten his name) called everyone a ‘shitter.’ Can totally relate to that sometimes…

And lol at your second paragraph. I hate the interruptions, they’re the worst :wink:


Have to agree with you, Split is a good movie.


The problem with jump scares in horror movies, I have to pause the film, to see what it was.


That sucks. I honestly get bored with them after a while. It gets too repetitive for my liking…


Dracula… I like vampires


Which version?


BBC Production… least scariest… not well known… I also liked Buffy… But thats teen horror


The version I like isn’t strictly Horror.

But I want to see the 1930s Spanish version Universal produced alongside the Browning-directed one with Bela Lugosi. I hear it’s better in some ways.


cool. I dont like horror much… prefer theme there but nothing gory… Godzilla and King Kong may rate as horror? NO? They are creatures coming to earth, and war of the worlds is scifi but pretty horrific and intense…


Agreed with King Kong and Godzilla etc.

The gore in horror is alright, but you have to be in a certain mood for it. I love things like Evil Dead, but don’t neccessarily watch it a lot.

What about psychological horror?


Emotional stuff is hard to watch… Like sixth sense and things like that? I think some that are mild are ok but psychological stuff can cause lasting effect… not really one to try those… I think there are many horror fans on wattpad. There are many communities and contests etc…Its a good time to be a horror fan and writer. There are no shortage of books and movies… TNT is rocking it too


Yeah, I know there’s a lot of horror fans there. It’s bloody hard to engage with them too to be honest.

Fair enough with the psychological…