What's your favorite Horror Movie and why?


I think the community profiles are quite active… Maybe they could have more events and things on their website… but subcategories are pretty active,… The vampire profile is quite cool… They are very active and really like their humour coming into what they do to engage the people… But I guess vampire is not truly horror genre… I have seen so many movie profiles on wattpad… Like the walking dead… was it and then there is TNT… I wish they are more active and once the movie is over, they do continue to post things


It’s very awkward if you’re not into any of those things. I finda lot of profiles aren’t that active and I always forget to check them. That was the only reason why I would use email notifications, but I get way too much, so that’s off the table lol


I agree. When we are not into those things its hard… I have seen alot of horror profiles and events on wattpad… Kind of wish I was interested and was my kind of genre but sadly I am not so I miss out…


For me, it’s not quite my type of thing with their comps. It doesn’t help that I did enter one comp and I hoenstly have no idea if they actually finished it. It was the ambassador one with a compliation of short stories. It was for the aim to engage thing. I don’t think they ever finished it, which was a little disappointing.


Sorry to hear about your experience… Hope you find well managed contests. I can see the frustration since you put the work in,… I think once it happened to me too. I kept checking for updates on it and no joy … Hopefully you can recycle the entry you wrote for another contest soon


I can always make it into a novella. It wouldn’t be too hard :wink:


Thats the spirit. Well done…


Thanks :slight_smile:


Yea Ring was excellent, I still have a soft spot for J-Horror. I want to try more Thai and Korean horror though.

One might not ordinarily think of it as horror, but Jacob’s Ladder. I remember being really influenced by that and Silent Hill in my earlier teens.

It’s weird, I always hated realistic snuff films. But with anime, there is a large Guro community.

To me if a movie risks the director potentially being charged with murder, only to later find out the actors are alive, maybe it’s not being done right. (Pointing at you Cannibal Holocaust.)


I should look into Korean Horror. It’s been a while since I’ve watches some horror tbh

Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve seen Jacob’s Ladder. The title doesn’t ring any bells

Hahahahaha, true

Lol. A Serbian film is kind of like that too. So much excessive gore. The plot isn’t strong, but it’s the type of movie that just wants to shock people with its ideas.


I vaguely remember Jacob’s Ladder. It was something like if a person has near-death experience does or doesn’t something else come back with them.

I think.


Ah, okay. I’ll be looking it up later not doubt.

I need to relook at the tv series “Dead like me.” I watched a few episodes years ago, but never watched further… it’s a great concept


Sinister is definitely one of my faves. Loved the story and the horror element with a passion.

Everything George A. Romero had anything to do with :heart:

And the OG of Horror films; Rosemary’s Baby. I love it.


I love George A. Romero’s works. I laughed so hard at the ending of “The Night of the Living Dead.” I really enjoyed how all the white people were stupid and died, and yet, the colored was smart… but the rest of this sentence is spoiler territory if you haven’t watched that film :wink:


I’ve seen them all :wink:


Kewl. Then you know what I mean (I’ve seen them all too) :wink:


I love both Waxwork movies because they are so 80s, and I really enjoy 80s horror that’s just on the edge of not taking itself seriously. I’m not sure they were trying to play it straight in the first one - there was def more horror than Waxwork II, which was straight up parody, but some of the scenes in the first one are properly hilarious :smiley:

And they finally seem to be on blu-ray as well - will have to update my collection soon.


The Ring is not something I have gotten around to watching. I keep meaning to get to it at some point.

My favourite type of horror for real horror rather than 80s horror, which, in my head is almost a different genre (and I also don’t count vampire movies as horror because they not frightening :wink:), is Asian horror. I love Asian ghost stories. The way the suspense builds and we get to see things out of the corner of our eye get me every time.

Ju-on - The Grudge was the first one I saw and it is still a favourite, Dark Water is another good one - I don’t think either of the US remakes really did as well as the originals. There is a bleakness to Jhorror in that we know no one’s getting out alive, and they almost got it in the remakes, but they were just missing something IMHO.

Khorror is great too with things like Whispering Corridors and A Tale of Two Sisters. And they do good monster movies too, like The Host.

A British horror I love is The Woman in Black. So creepy in every version I’ve seen!

I don’t like slasher horror - I like monster movies and ghosts. The more supernatural the better :smiley: I prefer my horror detached from reality rather than people being horrible to other people.


I agree with all that you’ve said. I need to watch more KHorror. Haven’t seen much.

I watched the Woman in Black. I had a chuckle with Daniel Radcliffe playing the role at first, but after I watched it, I think he did a pretty solid job.

As for the 80’s horror, oh yeah, it’s totally it’s own genre there. I always laugh at the oblivious stupidity of the jokes…


I think Dan Rad did amazingly, given that really he’s carrying the whole film most of the time. Was a bit unsure at the very beginning, but then he made the role his own :slight_smile:

The 80s horror movies seem to come from the ‘try and scare them’ but ‘then make them laugh’ side of the genre. And the special effects are very specific, like the monster made of melting wax when it meets its end, and lots of latex :smile: A lot of them were 15 rated too, rather than 18 and going for full on gore.