What's your favorite Horror Movie and why?


He did. I was very impressed :wink:

I love the special effects from the 80’s. I hate the amount of CGI nowadays to be honest. It doesn’t look realistic to me, and detracts from the scenery etc :confused:


CGI can be problematic because bad CGI is so very obvious, and low budget horror suffers from things that don’t look remotely real. At least, even with bad 80s special effects, it was a physical medium, so it didn’t look stuck over the top of the real world.

Good CGI is amazing, bad CGI is the pits :wink:


I agree. I prefer the physical medium over CGI any day for horror. It just looks so much more realistic :slight_smile:


The pre-CGI horror makers were so creative. I do think CGI has it’s place, but I think films like Crimson Peak do it the best where they use physical special effects (the ghosts were all people in makeup) and then enhance them using CGI. It ties every thing into reality in a way that, unless you have a really, really good CGI house, can be lost.


One movie I have mad respect for is Thirteen Ghosts. If you watched the behind the scenes, you’ll find how hard it was for them to make that film. I really love that film :slight_smile:

I agree with CGI. It’s hard to balance it out sometimes, especially in horror. A lot of movies overdo it, but the bigger houses know how to do it well


Thirteen Ghosts is a great movie, I totally agree. :heart: I have not seen the behind the scenes stuff, I should really go look it out. Has 2 of my fav actors in there in bit parts - J.R.Bourne as Ben Moss (the only thing I think I’ve seen him in where he doesn’t die is Teen Wolf - was amazed he got to the end of season 1 :rofl:) and Craig Olejnik as The Torn Prince (he’s the lead in The Listener, which is one of my fav shows).

I think a lot of it comes down to budget - CGI these days is cheaper than physical effects, so low budget movies go for it. The major problem being they go for the cheap end of CGI too. It’s like I love Asylum movies, but, oh boy, their effects are bad.


They had a huge amount of trouble with reflections and special effects. It’s really interesting.

Yup. Totally agree there, which explains why I don’t watch much new horror these days. In saying that though, I love the scene in the New IT where the girl’s father walks into the bathroom full of blood and sees nothing. Man that would have been hard to ignore for the actor. That scene was so well done with the tension :slight_smile:


The special effects in the new IT movie were amazing IMHO - especially when Pennywise comes out of the screen at the kids - scared the bejesus out of me :grin: I was so worried about it going in because I love the mini-series version and wasn’t sure how they were going to deal with only having the kids when I was used to the whole flashback setup - but it was so good - except I was a bit disappointed how they took the agency away from Bev, when she was a good percentage of the solution in the mini-series. Am very much looking forward to IT 2, especially since I am a huge James McAvoy fan :heart_eyes:


Nice. I loved how if you looked in the background, there were subtle 80’s references with the time the story was placed. I think that was really well done. And I’m a fussy bastard too. I’m very particular of horror films, but that’s coming from a guy that loves Evil Dead lol.

I enjoyed the remake of Evil Dead now that I mentioned it. I really enjoyed how me myself, found it hard to predict the MC and found how they reversed the roles to the original. That was really kewl.


All in all IT was almost completely very well done. :slight_smile:

I love the Evil Dead movies - I think Evil Dead 2 was the first real horror movie I ever saw. I had seen Hammer Horror and things before, but they’re more kitsch horror than what I think of as real horror :wink:

Unfortunately I did not like the remake at all. I can see why people did, but it was just not my thing. I prefer the originals.I’m glad someone enjoyed it though :grinning:


I prefer the original Evil Dead and it’s one of my favorites. I prefer the originals myself, but I did like the twists in the remake. Each to their own on that one :wink:


I ended up watching a whole bunch of KHorror, and some of them were quite good.

I watched both of these and they were quite good. I liked A Tale of Two Sisters more. Also, one movie that’s entertaining to watch is “Thirst.” It’s a very interesting movie with how things play out. It is a bit long, but it gave me a lot of “An Interview with a Vampire” type feels, especially near the end.


The Thing (the 1982 one). Not that it’s really scary (I must say that horror movies doesn’t scare me at all), but it’s very entertaining. I like when things are well balanced like in this movie. I like when things are put in place, when everything isn’t necessarily shown to us but suggested. The paranoïa, the doubt, the isolation, the mystery… All this make that there’s an atmosphere, specific to this film. It’s this kind of atmosphere that I would like to see in the recent horror movies.


I totally agree. What you’ve said reminds me of the atmosphere and tension within the first Alien movie because you never really see the alien much. Only parts of it, which adds to the mystery of what it is exactly


Yes ! The first Alien is also one of my favorite movies for this reason !


Nice :slight_smile:


I could also mention The Mist (the movie), although it’s more on the fantastic genre. These 3 movies are my very favorite horrific ones.



I’ve always been a fan of The Exorcist, but I always have a small fascination when it comes to religion. There’s so many different interpretations from many belief systems etc


It’s true that The Exorcist is really something ! I’m not a big fan of religion, but it depends of how the movie use it. It can become boring or just cliche, but when it’s well used, there it become good even for me.


I hate how religion is used as a scapegoat for thr excuse to makr up for a weak plot. It’s really good if a movie utilizes the motifs and ideals from a particular religion and it blends into the plot. Of course, deep character development helps with the perception of this, and helps strengthen the overall visual experience.