What's your favorite Horror Movie and why?


I agree, and it also count for everything we can see in basic horror movies. But, well, if there weren’t horror movies cliche as hell, we couldn’t find so great those we love.


Some cliches are quite overused, but that’s what you get in all genres tbh…

Still doesn’t stop me from loving Evil Dead though. I find the dark humor in that quite hilarious…


Hmm, didn’t see this one !


The first one is good. Kind of helped make splatter gore a thing :wink:


Probably Jacob’s Ladder. ts hard to explain unless you’ve seen it.


I haven’t seen it unfortunately. I should add that to the list of stuff to watch :wink:


My favorites were usually J-Horror though.


I quite like J-Horror. I’m a fan of the psychological ones. They were really good at that.

I’ve watched a number of K-Horror after someone recommended me some. I quite enjoyed it :slight_smile:


J-Horror always leads me feeling sorry for the monster more than in A-Horror.

Its where I get my influence.^ ^



I always get wrapped up in the plot and look at everything from all the characters angles. I really enjoy dissecting everything and taking in all the aspects, themes and ideas of the story telling etc


Yea I like the dissecting … literally. … Or not.


To a degree :wink:


Evil dead and evil 2 are my all-time favorites however my one true horror love is the one that brought me into the horror genre which was Night of the Living Dead


I agree with all of that. I love the ending of the Night of the Living Dead. It was one I did expect at all. It’s such a classic :slight_smile:


Have you seen ‘life’ with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds?

Its a mix of horror and sci-fi. Its amazing and equally terrifying because the characters do everything they can. They aren’t stupid like normal characters in the horror genre.

It also doesn’t rely solely on jump scares or gore to create tension.

I would really recommend it to everyone.


I don’t recall it, so I don’t think I’ve seen it. I’ll add it to the list :wink:


Mine is IT 2017 because it had everything I was hoping for.


Elfen Lied and Saikano. Saikano is a depressing look at being raised as a teenage weapon of war.


@livinginmymindgirl I loved that movie. That bathroom scene with all the blood is awesome. I loved the tension in that scene. It would have been so hard for the actors to ignore the blood around them as if it wasn’t there, especially for the father.

@SarahWeaver6 I know of Elfen Lied. I didn’t mind it :wink: I haven’t heard of Saikano though. I may have to check that one out :wink:


I don’t mention slashers, because I like movies that could be considered slasher, if not for… other qualities.

I wonder if there is an anime Giallo.