What's your favorite thing about Wattpad


What are your favorite things about Wattpad? I really would like to hear your positive reviews.

Mine are:

  1. The people! I get to meet people from all over the world and most, nearly all are positive and fun.

  2. The app works well on my phone!

  3. Everybody gets a fair chance. Experienced or not we get the same opportunities!

  4. Did I mention the people? LOL! I love the votes and kind comments. I live for them, actually.

  5. There’s always someone to give good advice.

  6. I don’t see much bias.

  7. I love how the boards are set up and moderated.

There’s tons more but I want to hear from everyone else.


Most of what you posted. I’ve met some really nice people on here. We all have one thing in common; we either all love to read or write. So there’s always something that we can talk about, and most of us love music as well, so there’s that other thing we all have in common. It’s easy to find people you have in common with by just making a thread.

This is my social media, basically. XD I don’t use much else!


You’re so right! I’ve forgotten Facebook anymore. There’s more positivity here and less whining.

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I hardly ever use Facebook. I just use it to stalk people that I know. XD

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Haha, I get that!

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These forums are by far my favourite part. Whilst I am sure that there are other writing forums out there this one feels streamlined and well-populated. Meaning there are many people to talk with and doing so isn’t a pain.

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I honestly think this is my first time back in forums since I used AOL. I guess I was missing out.


Definitely the people as well. I’ve made so many friends on here and gotten to read stories by such inspiring authors. I feel really blessed to have found this place, and that all these awesome people found it too.


The community. :thinking:
Everyone so far have been really nice, it’s nice to meet other people that share your passion.
Not going to lie but…
The map, I get so happy when another country lights up when someone reads my story.
Like … makes my day… :clap::clap::clap:

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For me, my favorite thing about Wattpad is that I was able to find beta readers willing to leave comments so I could improve my storytelling skills. I’m a first time writer and it’s scary to put something out there you don’t think will be good enough. I’m happy to report that, except for the occasional bad apple, most people are very helpful and if they don’t like what you write, they usually don’t say anything!

  1. The community and the forums!

  2. My fellow ambassadors.

  3. My readers.

  4. That I finally took a chance on showing someone my writing and that Wattpad offered that opportunity to me.

  5. The Wattys! (I’m a sucker for Watty season)

  6. The amazing people who help out with critiques.

  7. The solid group who helps everyone with publishing on the #industry-insider

  8. @MakaylaSophia’s positivity


The community is great imo. Reading others stories really motivates me to create more and to step up my game.

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it lets me put a link to tapas on my profile


Positivity is a big one! They say you should give 5 positives for every negative in life. The wattpad gives me like 500 positives for every one negative. I needed this in my life!


well now I’m crying

I wasn’t expecting that omg

I love you Fray :heart::heart::heart:


And you know I love you :heart:

@gracemadden1234 I like that saying. That’s super nice. :sparkles:

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I love how supportive everyone is and everyone looks at critique and builds on it

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The people in here genuinely want to help one another, and offer great advices. Like, some of them even offer to help for free!


My favorite thing about Wattpad is the amazing community of writers and readers. I truly believe a person cannot find elsewhere what they can on Wattpad. The support is fantastic, and the bonds even greater!


Yep. I gotta agree with that. :slight_smile: