What's your favourite mythological creature?



I’m writing a novel about mythological creatures (Elves, witches, wendigos, etc) and I need ideas for future reference.
If anyone could give me some ideas for this It’d be very appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Valkyries!! But that may just be my inner lesbian speaking, lmao. They ARE pretty neato though.


Succubuses or Incubuses. I think they could add depth to any mythological books because they could be used as prostitutes or something. Sorry about the dirty thoughts, I am a teenager so yeah…



Followed closely by gargoyles, or “grotesques” as they’re supposed to be called.

A gargoyle with a pet jackalope would just be the bomb.


The story is set in the Eastern Siberian Taiga (One of the biggest forests in the world) but I guess I could incorporate demons
It’s fine also, I’m a teenager too ^^^





Kelpies aren’t actually like that, but I like it anyway ^^


So a dragon?


I can say that my least favourite is a Noodle Mermaid.


Which one?


PERYTONS!!! Once I did a whole painting of a peryton carrying a bloody human arm in its mouth over a Greek vineyard for a science project. My teacher asked to keep it. She was laughing so hard she almost cried.

For reference:

Look at that majesty. So cool.


Aw yiss! Just saw your post. Now we have two perytons in the thread.


They’re gorgeous creatures.


The second one where it says “add scales and fire breathing”, that’s a dragon, wings, protective scales, horns and fire breathing, yeah, what many dragons are


Never heard of them


Oh yeah, they’re quite similar in those aspects.


They are


All u really gotta do is l i z a r d and then boom you got a dragon


I think they were made up in a book. I’m not sure what the book is called, I just saw it on pinterest.


The only place to get information