What's your favourite mythological creature?



Literally just pinned it today, but it says someone called Jorge Luis Borges wrote about it


Yep! I actually own that book :slight_smile:

The Booke of Imaginary Beings, I believe it’s called.


Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentine writer and I’m happy he’s getting recognized for his work.
The Peryton is actually pretty cute-looking, maybe I can include it in a future chapter :slight_smile:


I’ll have to check the book out then.


From what I know, Jorge was actually a pretty good writer


Dragons. Anything (well almost anything) with such glorious and wonderful beasts and you might have my attention.


That actually gives me an idea for a chapter, thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ay! Me too! But my Shapeshifters in Legend have my heart, and they won’t be giving it back…


Octopus because it’s beautiful and other worldly and my spirit guide.


Are you saying that Octopuses aren’t real?
I knew the government was lying


I think they just don’t get enough attention. I included one in my story though.




If I could, I would do it, but sadly the story is set in the Eastern Siberian Taiga, the biggest forest in Russia


I already have a plan to do a chapter or two on dragons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How about a spider humanoid. Wait, do spiders live there?


Everywhere except Antarctica has spiders, so I guess I could do that at some point


Maybe I should go there, I am terrified of spiders


Same. See you at Davis Station


That’s good. In my experience at first reading a story about dragon, i thought its weird because of its humongous size. Then as I read along, i fell for the character and its cool.


IDK how helpful mine will be since none of my favorites really lend themselves to traditional fantasy worlds (maybe the selkies?). I like the weird ones.

Golems (Though I would advise gentiles to not use them unless you’re fully invested in incorporating their lore. Using golems without Judaism is…not a good look.)



Yōkai (Some particular favorites are the Tanuki aka “raccoon puppy with massive testicles” and the Shirime aka “eye in butt hole man”)

Also, the psychedelic heart-eating hell unicorn that ate Garry’s nipple on Legends of Tomorrow.