What's your favourite mythological creature?



I never really had a good understanding of Golems even though I do have Jewish family members. I will look into Huldra, Selkies and Yōkai.
Yōkai is something I’ve been hesitant to write about because I feel like my knowledge of them isn’t that extensive, but I guess the whole point of writing is doing research, so thank you :heart:


id say basilisk,the snake


I don’t think that’d fit very well.
The story is set in the East Siberian Taiga, which is in Russia, so it’s of course, a cold place.


ohh,yea,nevermind,how bout the weird bird one?


shapeshifters (native american folklore though) I only know little of them, but they always were cool


I feel like that’d be a bit out of place, but I could write it into a chapter at some point


I’m really fascinated by an “animal”, I’ve first seen in “The Chronicles of Narnia”. I don’t know what it’s Name in English is but in German it’s called “Vogel Greif”. It’s a mix of a lion and an eagle.


I just don’t know if it’s a “mythologic crature” in the way you meant…


Did you know that octopus DNA is “alien” in the respect that it doesn’t follow the normal order of DNA in any other creature on earth. Most DNA is organized in some manner, but as far as scientists can tell, theirs is scattered randomly.

I like octopuses, but honestly, they’re getting to be very popular in the same way that owls and foxes were the trending creature to have on every tshirt, mug, and earing.


mermaids! idk if anyone has said that yet…?


From my understanding golems were statues that came to life to protect people. Sort of like gargoyles in a way.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that.


oh, my favorite and thus far I have not found books dedicated to them… is gargoyles. love them


DRAGONS. Forever and always.


Not so many books, but there was the 1990s Disney TV show which was surprisingly good. Although at some point I think they said “screw it! I’m out of ideas. Let’s take acid and read all available mythology until our story writes itself.”


I already did a chapter on mermaids


oh okay (: you still need more?


Selkies probably. Seals are just freaking adorable and seals that turn into fae folk are even more adorable :wink:

I also have a weak spot for Kitsune and always have had. Foxes are funny creatures and I like the stories of them working their trickster magic.


That’s cool. It must be the hentai making them popular.




I love the potential and the expanded lore that comes with Greek Mythology.

Also, this is ironic for someone who is writing a werewolf novel, but I like the potential that vampires have as well. As a writer, there are many things you can do with vampires.


Is it just not allowed for a werewolf writer to like vampires? I just know most of the vampire/werewolf writers are cult-ish