What's your favourite mythological creature?



I guess, it’s because I like them more than werewolves, even though I’m writing a werewolf novel instead and they’re not even my favorite, especially with the cult culture.


Yeah, the books are always the same for some reason


I actually hate reading both. I mean, they both have so much potential but WP stories are so repetitive.


It’s all the same, girl meets guy, guy hates her, they fall in love anyway
Master buys slave, master hates and abuses slave, somehow they fall in love regardless and everything is okay


Oh god, the Stockholm syndrome kills me. And the one where the girl is clearly uncomfortable and the guy keeps forcing himself on her? Why?


I actually have another thread on vampire tropes that I either hate or love here


Dragons :smiley:


I’m currently already writing a chapter on dragons :smile:



And firefoxes. Firefoxes are awesome


My favourite mythological creature has to be the Sasquatch. I dont know why but I just think they’re the coolest


roflmao, well there was the story about frankstine his diary or something like that where there were gargoyles, but it wasn’t about them, they just happened to be in the movie.lol


I like fauns. I just think it’s cute that they have goat feet and really like to fuck.


Now we debate for hours whether Kitsune and Firefoxes are the same creature. :stuck_out_tongue:


In my lore, they are different. My firefoxes are fox shifters that love fire. They have only one tail, and none of the illusions or star balls or curses n stuff.

Kitsunes, on the other hand, are not just firefoxes. Everyone ignores the fact that their tails can make lightning too


From my understanding Kitsune is a Japanese Mythological creature, and Firefoxes are Chinese. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Idk, I tried to look for firefoxes on wikipedia and came up with a nine tails fox and kitsunes


Golems were clay statues that were made and given life by Rabbis. A golem swears its allegiance to the person whose name is written on the paper scroll which has been jammed down the golem’s throat.
I’m pretty sure that’s the legend.



My favorite mythological creatures are nine-tailed foxes. Compared to others, they’re the only ones I’d consider keeping in my house.


Honestly that’s something I can agree on