What's your favourite mythological creature?



mermaids are my favorite


Can’t octupuses edit their own DNA or some crazy shit like that?


The west of Ireland is one of my favourite places on earth, where selkie tales abound.

Keen on this:


What’s the third one then?


A mermaid with fur




I dont know, but I would believe it.


What about foxfire?


That looks kind of awesome, but isn’t what I mean


I know. I’m just poking for a tangent.


Gryphons and dragons


I share your distaste for the general werewolf genre on wattpad, but am also writing a story that involves werewolves (on my other profile).

High five! :grinning:


Minotaurs - Always found these to be quite cool.
Dragons - cos like why not…hello fire!
Angels like the Archangels - pure badass if I say so myself
Gryphons like someone else mentioned


My faves are dragons and wendigos, which are REALLY DARK in origin so be warned. I also think griffins and unicorns are rad. Kitsunes are definitely on the rise though; they’re turning trendy.


I love kitsune masks!


Then there’s fun with bunnies.


For scary monsters, I like Grendel from the Beowulf saga-


And beware the Kittysaurus!



I like Grendel in Beowulf, but I hated that particular drawing of him. He looks like a badly human-ized bear. That picture did to Grendel what Michael Bay did to TMNT.


Michael Bay? TMNT? Not on my map.

How about this Grendel, from an earlier edition of Gardner’s book?


Definitely creepier. Maybe more effective.

Looks a little ape-ish, though.

I guess I just always pictured him more of a water creature. Didn’t he live in a cave under a lake? Am I misremembering that?


I thought those were mushrooms


I honestly would love to have a Pegasys. I don’t know how to spell it, but it’s the flying horse :joy: