What's your favourite mythological creature?



We should start a club of people who hate their genres but still see potential in it and write anyways :joy:


Pretty sure a lot of people have already said it BUT Pegasus!


They are.


I thought it was something else :relaxed:


How about these:

Cockatrice or Basilisk




Jersey Devil




Witches ! im a real witch (Wiccan) so… :sweat_smile::blush:


Always happy to help, that’s me, your friendly neighbourhood Archangel.


There’s a recurring character in the book who is a witch


In my book The Legend of the Moonflower Princess, my main heroine befriends a little dragon who then rides around on her shoulder. He has green and blue scales and is no bigger than the average hand. His name is Shen :smile:


my main character is a witch :blush:


@Chijanamu My favorite mythological creature is mermaids


I’ve always loved any kind of shapeshifter, Pegasus’s and Dragons. They just make me so happy, I could squeal!


Dragons or mermaids.


Dragon + Mermaid = Naga

Unicorn + Mermaid = Centaur or Kelpie

Angel + Lion = Sphinx

:unamused: IDK. You just reminded me of an old fantasy creature thread where we (mostly me) would breed creatures to create each mythical creature. I think it started with Dragon, Mermaid, and Unicorn. Or was it a Pegasus? Curse this unholy hour.


Well, for the record, I am a cat person, but one of my favorite mythological creatures is the harpy. Granted, I have always associated the harpy to the pretty ones from Yu-Gi-Oh! and not the scary ones…


I already did a chapter on mermaids :sparkling_heart:


Did a chapter on both of those




i’ve always had a thing for scandinavian mythology. especially the näcken. if you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s “a male water spirit that plays a violin, luring people to drown in the lake or other body of water it resides in.”

personally, i like to think he doesn’t play an actual violin, but instead has ligaments that can be stretched out from the shoulder area and played like a violin.


Let me say I gotta bring this back because I’m tired of using wikipedia to solve my problems mdr