What's your favourite mythological creature?



Lmao Lucifer. More of a Michael and Raphael kind of person lol. But thanks :slight_smile:


I am in the midst of writing a fantasy story called Lush Acres (this is not an advertisement, it’s not even posted and won’t be for some time) in which I feature creatures called “spriggans.” According to what I read they are grotesquely ugly when in solid form, appearing as very old men and are mischievous in nature, usually found guarding buried treasure in old ruins.


I love mythical creatures too! I’m writing about a qilin/kirin, brownie, mazikeen, dragon, harpies, maidens of the lake, etc.

My favorite has to be the qilin, or other unicorn type mythical creatures. They’re so pretty :heart:


Not gonna lie, qilin’s look awesome like w o w ? ?


They’re awesome, right!? :star_struck:


Did someone say dragons? :slight_smile:


Mods are usually good natured on here so shrugs. You can mention your story in general without including the note. Just can’t post a link for the most part. :slight_smile:


Yup! There’s a dragon in my book. To be fair, my mythical creatures are in the form of humans though hehe


unicorn and mermaid


Ooo. Chimeras - they are often depicted as ‘bad guys’ which makes me want to write an underdog story for them - and they have cool basis in greek mythology etc which I like. Think they are represented super well in Laini Taylor’s series ‘a daughter of smoke and bone’ and so interesting in Full Metal Alchemist!


Brownie monsters.





But aren’t most mythical creatures chimeras, mixed up creatures, by default.

Griffon is a lion and a bird. So is a Sphinx for that matter (with some human as well).

Mermaids are fish and people. A Hippogriff is like a deer/horse and a bird, depending on the world.

A Pegasus is a bird and a horse. A dragon is all sorts of things.


I’m not sure if it counts but probably those anthropomorphic killer rabbits on Medieval marginalia.


My absolute favorite would have to be Dragons. I love them to death.


Not really a “mythological” creature, but the Jabberwocky




I do prefer the lesser known mythical creatures.


Dragons and unicorns. :heart_eyes: