What's your favourite mythological creature?



How about a unicorn dragon!

Damn it! Why arent my images showing properly?!


Also, a kittycorn! I have a plushie of one. <3


I prefer narwhals, myself.



I have noticed that image locations are becoming “un-linkable”. A year ago, I could post almost any image I found. Now they’re often wrapped in barbed wire.

So what does a dragon unicorn eat?


Unicorns. It’s how they get their horn power.


lololol, not quite the creature I was talking about, but that is super funny haha


Kittycorn has two legs, Unikitty has four?


Apparently it’s funnier when you’re high. I wouldn’t know. I’m one of those rare people that watch Aqua Teen while sober.


Fixed my messed up pics.




Haha, but for real – dragons.


I’d take the unigoats over the dragons.

Also unipandas.


…Or any of the robot unicorn gang:

Also, does Puck count as a mythological creature? Because I love Puck.


yes he counts :joy: (he’s actually Robin Goodfellow, a puck, which is a kind of fairy)(long story short he gets to count) lol


I think most things are supposed to be funnier when you’re high. I wouldn’t know though, haha


Already ahem did mermaids


No offense, but Raphael’s a jerk, and Michael’s okay at best.


Mazikeen? :thinking:
I’m hoping it’s not the demon in Lucifer.




Call me a bit old fashioned, but I love phoenixes. I like the symbol of rebirth and I don’t think anything quite does it justice in the way a phoenix does.


I’m writing at the moment about Finnish mythological creatures, so I guess I should pick one of those. :joy: If so, I would say the water spirits, but I also love Kalevala.