What's your favourite quote from your own story?

Everyone has a favourite line that they’ve written, what’s yours?


“People hate… they hate what they don’t understand, they hate what they cannot comprehend, hell, they most often just hate what they plain out don’t like. We abuse, we lie, we cheat and we steal and we hurt one another in this damned world. It’s a hard truth but it is what it is, forgive as the Lord forgave you… suppose that’s the only choice you have… that or… vengeance.”

~Hart Grissom from The Relentless: Among the Willows


“It was gradual, going to another world, like grains of sand slowly sucked into the bottom of an hourglass. And today was when the first grain fell.” — Tahro Akagi from The Wings of Storm.


“You know what separetes an undead from a living creature? Undead can’t understand emotion, yet, I was able to stand up and fight for my dreams. You are still alive, you can still love and laugh, so if you truly feel sorry for what happened, then keep fighting, for the ones Who can no longer do so”
~Umbra, from Abyss King



“How is it in a world with so many fantastic things, simplicity is a fantasy?”

“Captain Prince Sir Ender of Fairendale, at your service,” said Captain Pronce Sir Ender of Fairendale.

“When I’m with you, I feel… okay.”

Or everyones favorite:

“Fluttering Fairies!”

:thinking: cant decide lol.


Can I pick all the chapter titles for The Flames that Engulfed Us?



“Because no one’s heart will ever beat the way mine does when you’re around.”
-Maeva Anderson, from Mea again.


If you need any more proof, then know that despite allowing it to rape, terrorise and come all over my cab, to top off the evening, it gave me a one star review. That review ended my perfect record. Can you believe it? One star, the nerve of some creatures. It didn’t even say why.

  • From Peep behind the curtain: Umbra driver

This pretty much captures the character and the story he was telling in a few sentences. It really brought the character to life for me.


Maybe this one:
"If God had existed, he would have thanked the almighty creator that it wasn’t his birthday. "


The boy took a deep, hesitant breath before reading from the book. “See Dick. See Dick…” He faltered.
“Sound it out.”
“Rrr uuuu nnnn.” Bubby’s lips formed the letters. “Rrruuunnn. Run. See Dick run. Run, Dick, run.”
“Very good!” She leaned down to give him a quick hug. “Now read the next line.”
“See B-83,” Bubby read. “See B-83 lift his megablaster. Run, Dick, run.”


I feel like I need some context behind this one :joy:


if you’re going to get in trouble for hitting someone, you might as well hit them hard - Jun-lee, Dance With Me
(actually got this quote from somewhere else but i love it so much that i used it)


The Gardener’s feet were rooted in bad soil, with a bad upbringing, and his face was pale due to a lack of sunlight. His growth for compassion was limited, and his lending arm for kindness stretched only so far. The Gardener, unlike the others, was filled with hatred, unrooting more flowers than he had. With no reason, except blatant vanity,

I really don´t have a favorite quote. Sorry for how bad this is.


I have two main characters. Bobbi and Noah.

Bobbi’s peptalk after Noah felt down about being called a “monster” as an MMA fighter:

" My Noah is the single greatest Human being on this planet with the ability to transform his body into a goddamn force to be reckoned with, tricking others into thinking they’ve got the control without actually subjecting his mind to do the same. He’s a titan harboring the powers bestowed on him by the forces of the Universe and as the only person who knows everything about him, I’ve got the right to break his fucking neck if he ever forgets that again. Now, where is he?"


It a classic scene of a boy in a dystopian future learning how to read. Every story has one


New Scientist:

“Life is short and shouldn’t be wasted on bad inventions you don’t want to create.”


It was then, as she lifted her head to look at the countless pairs of red eyes all around her, did she realize the gunfire had stopped minutes ago. -Catalina Delgado from Chupar


Mine is more from my life than my story, but it’s also about writing and any other form of action we can take to influence others:

“We are not merely participants in culture but creators of it.”


Mine’s when the MC, an aphonic mute, starts to show her insecurities within one of the chapters:

“It truly was a shame that I was a music addict and knew all the lyrics to my songs in my never-ending playlists, yet could not be able to say one out loud.”


“Do you know what the clouds are called tonight.” She asked out of the blue.


She giggled “Valentine’s dream. It’s supposed to represent what Valentine would have wanted with the world, he wanted the air to be filled with love and hope, that’s why they are pink.” She said staring into the sky, the clouds still glowed a bright taffy colour, but the silver bolts had subsided. “The Haze is God’s gift to Valentine, it is Valentine’s dream brought to us to give us hope. Some stories say that it gives certain people gifts from God to show he is there and he loves them. I don’t believe that, but I do believe that it gives hope.”

-Kaitlyn Harley and Oliver Stark from The Amplified : Fire Blight