What's your subgenre?


I’m curious what people’s subgenres are. The more specific the better, as–for example–Hard Scifi is about as general as–well General Fiction! :smiley:

I do Bleeding Edge, which is a borrowed phrase from Bleeding Edge technology. If Cutting Edge is like Beta stage, then Bleeding Edge is Alpha stage. It’s still often super buggy, and sometimes developers are under payed. But they do it for love, partly because they love programming, but partly society makes a social life hard.


Right now? Romance, Cyberpunk (the two have mixed together in my Demon Blade novel).


dark fantasy with a romance subarc

thriller with a romance subarc

political high fantasy

urban fantasy/mystery

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Generally cyberpunk and mystery for novels, though the Wattpunk profile has me branching into all kinds of weird and wonderful punks in short stories!


Does Science Fantasy count?


Big dumb object punk, space punk, A.I.punk, singularity punk, Ooorah punk, multi verse punk, spacecraft punk, wattpadian ambassador punk, genesis punk, evolution punk, spunky heroine punk, Zombie punk.

I’ve written stories in all of those punks and more.


Tesla punk, (Stephen) king punk, App punk, crusader punk, celestial punk, steampunk, fuel punk, diesel punk, mopar punk, candle punk, nautalas punk, seaquest punk, lost in space punk.

To name a few more.


I always have issue categorizing in specific subgenre… I find it a it restrictive… Perhaps the result is not so great, but i think canons are to be transcended :smiley:

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Dystopian romance


The more I’m thinking about it, the more and more I’m loving the term Splattertopia. The person that recommended that is a genius.

It’s not perfect for my oldest work, for my newest work it’s quite excellent.

(Older work is somewhat if a hybrid of – apparently – Satanic SF, and LitRPG.)


@rsNelson I think you are the only one I know really writing Ooorah! Punk LoL

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However I love oorah.


Mostly I write hardcore near future UK based dystopia.


Dystopian apocalypse, but none.of that hardcore stuff. That’s way out of my league.

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Mine would probably have to be science fiction fantasy, soft sci-fi, near future sci-fi, military sci-fi, and maybe some first contact in there.


I dislike subgenres and I never understood how they help anything.


By allowing you to be more specific: Military SF is not Cyberpunk is not Steampunk. Although Steampunk can blend more easily with Cyberpunk than Military SF.

Or at least needing to explain why’d need a Steampunk aesthetic if you’re using laser beams. Laser guns I’m familiar with, don’t tend to have many moving parts.

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Not sure if it is truly a ‘subgenre,’ but I’ve just picked up Dune for the first time and I like the idea of the setting being on one planet. Not that one is better than the other, but I say I’ve had a fair share of those massive space operas like Star Wars.

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The book I’m working on now is a space opera, and I’m loving writing it. There’s so much to work with on spaceships, and a lot of room for worldbuilding.

I’ve also wrote a Post-apocalypse story before, and I’m working on something in the cyberpunk genre. Right now, I don’t have too many completed books, so I’m just branching out and trying new genres with everything I write


I guess my work is a Post Apocalypse of sorts: it’s closer to a very very dark dystopia, where to actually not want to be a murderer is almost “Crime-Think” do to the murderous expectations people place upon vampires. If people thought about it, washing your hands in blood is more traumatizing than you might think.

And executioner are right at the scene of the crime.

A world where not wanting to be there, when a wife i beheaded at the guillotine for a crime of passion, to not want to see anyone harmed. Is perceived the same way we perceive murder now.

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