What's your writing process?



What’s your process when you suddenly have an idea for a book?

Where do you start? Do you brainstorm every step of the plot or do you simply come with the basics and let it eventually create itself as you write?

Just thought that it would be fun to hear everyone’s style and process.


I start with noting the idea down, then I leave it to let it simmer until I come up with something more concrete.
Then I write a very simple plotline (we start at X place, then X happens)
From there, I look at what kind of character I can push the furthest out of their comfort zone with the plot. Once I have their basic personality down, I look at motivation. This is where I start writing prompts for development.
I continue to develop my plot and my characters (and possibly worldbuild, in the case of fantasy) until I feel confident in my idea. That’s when I start my first draft.
When that is done, I print the product and mark out everything that needs more work. This is where plotholes become apparent.
I keep printing and editing until I am satisfied with the finished product, or I’m so tired of a specific storyline that I decide it’s fine as it is.


I do think you have to get the nuts and bolts down before you write. The skeleton, if you like. Then you flesh it out, bit by bit.


I always get a huge piece of paper (like, massive) and I use coloured pens to write every single detail of the book I can think of in a creative, easy to read way. Then I stick it on my wall so I can constantly see it throughout the writing process and make reference to it.


First I make a beginning summary of the book I am planning on writing. It doesn’t always stay the same way and usually changes throughout the whole brainstorming process. Then, I start to gather ideas that I feel will work great. I have a beginning, middle, and end in mind. After that I just write and try to get a good feel of the characters.


I know the overall plot and what I want my main character’s personalities to be like. That’s about all I know when going into the story. I don’e know what subplots will occur or the personalities of side character’s or the ending or even the middle.

I cannot work within a plan. I either deviate or lose all interest. I enjoy not knowing what’s going to happen next.


That sounds pretty cool! It also shows that you can definitely get creative with the writing process too :wink:


I can definitely relate. I like to make a basic summary or plot and give it a few days to let the idea change and evolve before I come back to it. It’s really cool how ideas and details can change throughout the process from its starting point.


Whoa that’s how I usually do things too! I usually have a mock summary then I let it sit for maybe either the rest of the day or two to gather my thoughts for the story, and usually by then I have a pretty good idea of what I want to happen/needs to happen to make the story happen.


I totally feel you on this!!! I can’t work within a plan either or rather I don’t like having everything little thing planned. Instead, I enjoy, as a writer, not knowing everything that will happen either. It’s nice and interesting for me to have that bubble of empty space where anything can still happen.


I have an idea and I create ways to make it more interesting and I have some ideas where to go but I get better ideas as I write.


I just start writing and let the story flow naturally. It starts with an image in my head and I take it from there. I don’t know what the end will be until I get pretty close, with my short stories. My novels have an idea for an ending come up a little quicker.


I saw a pin on Pinterest that said…

Who is your character?
What do they want?
And how can you stop them from getting that?

That’s really helped me to come up with some crazy ideas


I sit, do something stupid and then… boom it hits me, then I get this urge to write. Or sometimes I turn my dreams into stories. But then I’m a really confusing person so sometimes I write Chapter 50 then Chapter 27. I don’t know, it’s weird. I guess that’s why I never really get to finished anything big like novels… I keep going on to another. They’re piling up now so I guess that’s that.


Love this.


Same!! It really intrigued me is soooo much better than beginning middle and end. It actually helps with ideas!!


Starting a story is kinda hard for me. Like I want it to be enjoying, then I get so anxious like the first chapter isn’t interesting enough, you know? Gives me a “I know what I want, I just don’t know how to get there” kind of mentality


I’m writing my first story on Wattpad. Don’t have the whole plot figured out and make changes as I’m writing. I kinda know where I’m heading but sometimes new ideas hit me. Any suggestions are welcome!


I have no process an idea will come to me as I’m watching tv or eating spaghetti mostly while I’m sleeping in my dreams I write it down and then I make up some characters random lines of dialogue will pop up in my head basically the whole thing is based I random spikes of inspiration


That first chapter is the worst. It’s the chapter that judges the book for the reader. If it doesn’t hook them you’ve lost them.
I’m not happy with one book of mine but I have decided to just write the book and I change the first chapter after.