When did you start writing?


When did you first start writing?

Was there a specific reason you started writing?

What tips do you have/what have you learnt as a writer?


I started when I was 7 xD Idk I just felt like it. I know it’s not age that you can take writing seriously, but if I wouldn’t have started then, I might have never gotten into writing. I don’t think I had any specific reason. At least I don’t remember it :stuck_out_tongue:

Tips? Write, shut your editor up and write pages and pages non-stop. Get it all out, pour your heart’s content. When you’re done, gather them and edit them and re-write them. But if you don’t write the first draft you’ll never write your story.


I was nine, so yeah, it’s always a start xD I had no friends so I used to write little stories about a girl who had all these friends who would come over with all their toys and play with her xD



I started writing as a kid, I still have some of the stuff I wrote. Around 8 years old sitting at my mum’s old typewriter, breaking my fingers and making a story up about someone exploring the wild with his pet husky in Banff, Canada.

Skip forward a good few years(not too many honest) and I’m now writing for my eldest daughter, she is 12 and has run out of books to read(she’s very picky on genre). So in a bid to encourage her to write more and to give her more to read here I am trying it out again.
What brought me to wattpad is that I didn’t want to half-cut a job, it needs to be good. The more I do this however, the more I remember how much I love it. I do hope I’m not too bad at it, you never know I could always ditch my day job for this!


That sounds so amazing! I’d love to be a parent one day who writes for my children! I think it’s so great - both with writing something for your children and encouraging them to write too.

This is very cute, I can totally imagine it xD


I think I wrote my first story in… middle school? Probably 7th or 8th grade. It was about a blonde who was in love with a vampire and wanted to stay with him. But he didn’t want to ruin her life so he went into hiding.


That sounds like something I would love to read xD


I’ve been writing off and on since I was about 10. The first story I ever wrote down was the adventures I’d have with my stuffed animals every night before I went to bed.

But I didn’t complete a full length novel until my late 20’s so much of what I wrote I either rushed it, got bored with it, or it was just plain short.


Yup. I like to say “Embrace the suck.” If someone is able to edit as they write and still finish the first draft, then by all means do that. But if you’re struggling to finish the first draft then embrace the suck. No first draft is perfect.


I vaguely remember writing silly stories about my pets as a kid, and then actually trying to write a good short story when I was fourteen. I didn’t get serious about things until I hit seventeen and finished a novel, though. So my reasoning kinda evolved from “it’s fun” to “it’s cathartic.” Now it’s a blend of both.

What I’ve learned from writing is that it’s important to let yourself have fun, because it’s so easy to burn out over it.


I started when I was 6. It was in kindergarten class and we had to write this story. Anyways, that was the start. I wrote stories in notebooks until I finally got a computer at 11, I think. (An old Windows 95, no less) I think the first time I finished a novel was when I was 16. It was this horrible trilogy about dragons… Ugh, it was rough.

And my very best advice is; there is no wrong way to write. You do it the way you find the best for you.

It’s okay your first draft isn’t perfect. That’s what the second, third, fourth and so on is for.

Never be afraid of improving or asking for help.


That’s the cutest! :smile:

Yeah, my first serious story, I finished when I was about 18, but it’s still so cringeworthy xD


This is so important! I agree!


Yes! I agree with that!


Mine was… special. It was before spell check was invented so…um… yeah…it’s bad. My animals went to a planet full of only girl animals and there was no logical reason as to why. I even drew god awful cover art for it. But at ten, it was the bestest story ever. :laughing:


Aw! That’s so cute! Don’t worry, when I wrote one of my first stories, I was obsessed with Hilary Duff and this child won this prize and got to go “overseas” for a holiday and she met Hilary Duff on the beach and they became best friends forever :joy:


So like every Wattpad story ever about One Direction :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: (I kid, I kid)


xD It absolutely is. Except it was two pages, hand written, and twelve years ago xD


I first started writing when I was really, really small, but I didn’t get serious until 7th grade, when I started writing “friend fiction” about my friends. That very quickly spiralled into fanfiction, then original fiction, and I’ve been writing ever since.

There wasn’t any real reason I started writing. I just felt the urge one day and went “eh, why not?” It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It helped that I was sort of an outsider, so writing gave me something to do. Ever since, I’ve just had the urge to keep writing and never stop. Being able to share my writing with people helped a lot!

Patience, pratice, and don’t be a perfectionist. You’ll never be satisfied, just work with what you have until it feels right enough. Also, if you wanna write fifty stories, go for it. Who cares if half of them never get finished, just have fun. You only get one life, after all.


Okay I started storytelling at the age of 5-6, and writing small idea/drawing (badly) at the age of 6-7, but I started actually putting words to a paper and a story like at the age of 8-9 (I think), and then at the age of 10-12 I started more lengthy ideas, and it just progresses to where I am now.