When do you write?


A poll because I’m curious

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Night
  • Late night
  • Early morning
  • Anytime, who cares?

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I voted anytime but really I only write on weekends unless its Nano time. Working 2 jobs during the week puts a damper on energy to write. Usually when I’m done working I just want to chill and goof off, not actually think.

During NaNoWriMo I’ll push myself to write during the week. Wont nit the 50k goal of i dont :rofl:


At home, I typically write at night. However, I’ve learned to take every writing opportunity I get, so sometimes it’s at night, when I’m home sick, during slow days at work, when I’m stuck at a party I didn’t want to go to in the first place…


I have a really awkward schedule, so I can write at anytime. I have noticed I do my best work when I write at night, though!


I can ONLY write in the mornings, I practically can’t leave my bed or else I won’t be able to write


It depends. I can’t write when my husbands around because he’s like a bored child. So whenever I get the house to myself or am left alone at work.


I don’t have a schedule for when I write, so I write whenever I feel like, really. When I take my sister to the bus stop early in the morning, I sometimes write when I get back home. During the afternoon or evening, I may write when I don’t have much else to do. And sometimes, I’ll write at night when I’m supposed to sleep.


Honestly same. I start in the morning and then sometimes I can keep going into the afternoon. But ooph, I need a lot of breaks.


I tend to enjoy writing at night with songs on loop cx


Early morning~ my schedule is full after that.


I usually write in the afternoon and at night, late night.


I write whenever I can finally make myself write again, hahah. I have this cycle going on. Starting a story, writing a few chapters, and then just… stopping there. For up to five months. Then I start a new story, write the first few chapters and then it just… stops again. Over and over. sigh I’m a bad writer