When/how will a published story show up on search?

Hello all!

I’ve just published my first story to Wattpad, but when I try to find it in the category (sorted by new) or any of the tags (also sorted by new), it’s MIA. Does it usually take some time for stories to appear? Is there a smart search algorithm built in that doesn’t show your own works to you? Did I do something wrong with the category / tags? Thanks!

It’s all about popularity alas! So, when you’re new, your story doesn’t appear first when you do searchs or with the tags. You can see your rankings with the tags, but there are lots of stories so it takes time, lots of reads and votes to get to a good ranking.
But don’t lose hope, everything take time and when you see your story gaining reads and popularity, it’s really rewarding! :smile:


Thank you for the info!


You’re welcome! :smile:
I know what it is to be new as a writer here, it’s only been 6 months for me, but I already made progress! :smile:

Hi! When you first publish a story, it won’t show up when you search it, but if you give it a couple of days it should show up once searched :smile:


Okay, so my story has 1k reads, then when I search it up, why a story with 134 reads come up first??? The story doesnt have the same tags/name, it doesn’t even have any ranking or is it wattpad that doesn’t let me see the rankings of that story?

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I’m wondering the same thing. How people can actually find my story if it doesn’t show up in the search. No way to make it popular. It’s a catch 22

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You just have to put the work in. Read for reads, book clubs, advertising correctly. Its not gonna happen on its own, but if you really work hard it’s not impossible to break through :blush:

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Thanks Lana

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To be honest, I don’t know! Wattpad can be weird, it’s all about algorithms and things like that, and sometimes it’s not really logical!

People can find it here on the forum! Suggest your story, enter awards… And also maybe there’s also the personalized suggestions when they read other stories! :smile:

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I looked this up a while back and figured I’d just wait, but I can’t see to find anyone else having the same issue… I published my story a while back and it still hasn’t shown in the search results. Is this because the book is rated mature? I’m quite confused, it’s been up since the start of January and it still doesn’t show up in any results. (Even # based results).

Any tips? Or am I doing something wrong? P.S. - Yep, it says it’s published at the very least…

I’m having this same problem. My story is marked mature but wattpad recommended a mature story to me to read from a different author… I’ve been at it about 1 week. I’m at 8 parts, I understand its early and not going to be at the top of any search results but it wont even come up when i search it by the exact title, narrowest filter possible, and all included tags. It will say like 11 matches and then end of results and I’m not there. It’s very disheartening honestly. And the forums arent even accessible through the app so I have to toggle… I may switch to ff dot net :frowning:

ff.net isn’t all that much better. It will put you in the search results but it’s a dying platform because the owners just do not care anymore. Plus it’s full of viruses and spam. AoW is just as hard as wattpad to be seen because of the hundreds of tabs per story. Wattpad is great if you’re writing og fic because, though frustrating, it teaches you marketing skills that you will need if you ever intend to publish. It’s definitely a grind at first but once you push past that and find your readers, it gets easier because they will start doing the publiciyy for you through likes and comments etc. It takes a while to be seen in the search results. I’ve had my story up for two weeks with 600 reads and 100 votes and it’s only now beginning to show up.