When Wattpad Removes Content...

So, there was a post on the r/Wattpad sub-reddit where a person was talking about their profile getting deleted (and still waiting for support to respond). In the comments, they mentioned that the e-mail that they got from Wattpad linked to the “material” that was rule-breaking. But the links went to the stories. The stories that don’t exist any more because the profile got deleted.

I dunno, but this seems like a dumb way of telling people “Hey, this is why your book got deleted” when they can’t even review it because said content no longer exists. Wouldn’t it make more to list out the violations in the e-mail so that users don’t have to dig through their own books and figure out what the offending content was? If they could even access the offending content, because you know… It got removed for violating the rules.

There was a huge debate on this exact topic the other day, on another thread. Long story short; the conclusion came to be ‘users being more conscious and aware of what is allowed and what isn’t.’ Read the guidelines and policies before posting they said. :joy:

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That’s very good advice.

In real life, people are confined by legal agreements. For example, a driver’s license is not a right - it’s a privilege and retaining that privilege is dependent on obeying the traffic laws and the restrictions and responsibilities that are attached to the privilege. If you break too many laws or don’t fulfill the proper requirements, you can lose your license.

It find it funny how many people act like Wattpad is unreasonable or outlandish in their outlook. The fact is, Wattpad is pretty much the same - policy wise - as any other writing site.

Practically any web site anywhere that allows user input will tell you the same thing. I’ve been on the internet for over 20 years, and I’ve never been on a site that didn’t. Nearly any TOS on a site that allows user input / comments stipulates that by making an account / posting users agree to their terms as set forth in the documentation. If a user neglects to read said terms / contract, then that’s their problem. They agreed to something they didn’t read and have no clue about, but they will still be held accountable to it.

It doesn’t matter if a user doesn’t read the documentation, they are still deemed as accountable. If they get blindsided by the rules, they have no one to blame but themselves. There is no blame put on the site, ever, for the user not knowing the site documentation.

Users should also have copies of all theirr work somewhere besides Wattpad. Again, practically any site that allows user input also retains the right of the site to remove any content at their discretion and states that they are under no obligation or responsibility if said content is lost. In other words, back up your stuff, because they don’t have to 1) tell users they’re taking it down 2) give users warning or 3) give users access to the deleted data. User backups are the user’s job. Period.

There’s a real break between reality and what some users believe are their ‘rights’ as far as posting on the internet. On any web site - including Wattpad - your ‘rights’ are in the site documentation and you should be reading them.

The responsibility to vet their content before they post it and back up their content is the users responsibility - and solely the users.

If users read the Terms of Sertvice (TOS) you will find that it tell users:
Before posting any content to Wattpad, it is important that you read our Content Guidelines. If your content does not comply with these guidelines it may be removed at any time.

It also says:
We can remove any content you post or submit for any reason. and We may suspend or terminate your account or cease providing you with all or part of the Services at any time and for any reason we deem appropriate.

In addition it says: All content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person who originated such content.

So, in actual fact, the only limits to what Wattpad can (or does) and can’t (or doesn’t) do is what Wattpad puts on itself. They’re the ones who make the Guidelines and set the limits. They go out of their way to be fair and not remove things without good and proper reasons. Except in especially egregious circumstances, they give users several chances to not lose their entire account by removing objectionable media, instead of the entire account.

Users may not like or agree with the Guidelines, but they have already agreed to them. That’s a done deal.

A wise user would read and discover what it is they agreed to.


On a site with as many users - and violations - as on Wattpad, the manpower needed to specifically enumerate objectionable content for each specific case is just not viable. Besides, as stated in the post above, it isn’t Wattpad’s job - it’s the user’s job to check their content for suitability. As for the user no longer having their content after it’s removed, that is also the user’s responsibility and this is why users should back up their work.

Wattpad handles this kind of situation pretty much the same way as any other site. It isn’t dumb of Wattpad to expect users to uphold their end of the agreement they made - it’s dumb of users to not know what they agreed to.

I’d just like to add that if a user is confused, or wants assurance as far as their content and the Guidelines, they can contact the Ambassadors and ask for their content to be reviewed. I’ve done this for users, and many of my colleagues have also.


I’m curious, how would we go about that? Just go ask any content ambassador, or is there a form somewhere? And if there is offended content, do we get automatically reported, or do we just get a warning to alter content since we went out of our way to ask if it follows regulations?


You can ask any Ambassador, and if they can’t do it, they can generally steer you to someone who can. They can clarify specifics as to, for example, Canadian law as pertains to age and relationships. Sometimes the answer is simple, sometimes it takes actually seeing the content. If all else fails, ask me.

Generally, when it comes to possible banned content it’s best to get clarifications before you post. And while if I’m working with you to check your posted stuff, I’m not going to do anything, someone else may come across it and report it. So it is better to get your clarification before you post. Banned content is pretty easy to decipher with just some clarification of facts - like ages and such.

Never just repost a story that disappears. Sometimes stories glitch and go away, so a removal isn’t necessarily a deliberate deletion, but in case it is, don’t repost until you know for sure. File a help ticket to find out.

When it comes to Everyone / Mature then it’s more specific to the story itself, but if we’re working on that and it gets vetted by someone else and rated Mature then you have your answer. There’s no loss of data or removal for a rate change except when the rating is changed and the user changes it back.

Never reverse a rating change made by Wattpad. If you disagree you can ask for a review, but don’t just change it back or it may get the story and possibly your account removed.


Once a story is removed, you have to deal with HQ. They are the only ones that can restore a story. All any Ambassador can do is point you to HQ.

A user can appeal a banned content take down. Go to
Check the Content (Copyright, Ratings, Inappropriate stories, etc)’ button, then on the next page check ‘My own story’s rating/content’ then ‘I don’t agree with my story’s automatically assigned rating/privacy setting’ and ‘I still feel like my content should be reviewed.’

Then they can give their information and ask for a review.


Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

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We don’t want to see someone’s writing taken down if it can be avoided. If you (general you, like anybody) have questions as to any of the Guidelines, never hesitate to ask an Ambassador for help. That’s something we’re generally happy to do. I’ve seen users asking everyone about the Guidelines except the Ambassadors and a lot of people give wrong information. We know, because they train us to know.


Seeing the ‘what did we violate?!’ is like smut rpers who act like they don’t know their ‘rules’ had allowing smut in PM or in comments or never stated but did smut in comments anyway. No, they know, trust me.

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Hey !

I have a question about content ? Can you help me ? :slight_smile:
I don’t plan to write such stories, but it is just something I ask for my personal knowledge : are age play stories allowed on Wattpad ? Because one day I came accross a girl who told me an Ambassador told her it wasn’t allowed, but then I could not find anything about it in the guidelines…

So what about that ?

Thank you ! :heart:

Sometimes. There are certain restrictions on what can and can’t be done in an age play story. It must be consensual / unforced / not coerced. Participants must be 16+. If there is sex it is between adults (18+). The perception of a person playing a young child is also considered.

In a general sense, those are good guidelines for any story - check age, amount and presentation of sex, if any, and consent.

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Oh okay ! This is complicated ! So… if I come accross such story… do you suggest me to report it or to do nothing ?

If the story has adults who are both OK with it and no one was forced, it’s probably OK. If there’s sex and any of the characters are under 18, report it. If it creeps you out … I would report it, because better to report when not necessary than to not report when you should have.

Yes, it can be complicated - that’s why we’re trained. We have to take Canadian law into account, as well as other things. Some things are OK for adults but not for minors. Not everything is obvious or clear cut. If in doubt, ask - we do. If we aren’t sure, we ask more experienced folks. The rule of thumb is, if in doubt, ask or send it to HQ.


That’s why the guideline isn’t too detailed because it’s hard to digest and handle (and believe me I’m still learning and learning). If you think it violates guidelines or unsure you can try to report and check ticket record but explain why and where so HQ can understand :smiley:

But in ageplay, if there’s sex, there’ll better not be adult having sex while imagining the partner is a little kid. That’s a pedo stuff, not ageplay


Wait, what? There was public smut RP here? I guess some people like being watched… :rofl:

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In the stories I have in head… the adult is taking laxatives, wearing diappers… it is kind of weird but I guess it is okay since they are bot consenting adults…

That’s fucked up :rofl: I don’t understand why people don’t post these sorts of stories on Literotica or something…


Yeah, in their book chapter comments.

I remember one complained why the book was removed when it had a ‘story’. Yeah, not on your works, in your comment with sex to the other user :woman_facepalming:

Ohhhh, those types. Ugh, I tried to avoid those and wedgie stories. Taking laxatives as in by force or no? It’s hard to judge without knowing context

Because they want to post everywhere :joy: It’s like rule 36? Where there’s something, there’s bound to have an NSFW


Hahaha, people!

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