when you send other people wattpad stories–how do you send them?


link to story details page? as a reading list?


Is the question about “share” as with social media or is it more about needing to send the text directly to a particular recipient?


I’d like to hear about both. Interested in how you handle sharing between the different groups (personal v public) and if that means the way that you share the story differs


Obviously other people will have different means and answers.

I’m like Gen X age and have IRL social anxiety and even though I have some family and friends none of them are also writers or readers who want my work. I’m not pushing them to look either, that feels like imposition.

So I don’t really ever have need to send my work directly. All the writers I know are already on Wattpad. No one outside is requesting it. (I mean I also am never finished enough to be pitching to pros.)

But I do attempt to share updates to social media. I have a Facebook author page. So, if I have an update, I just use the Wattpad share functions. I share to my author page and then I use my personal Facebook profile to share the author post on my own page.

Sometimes I’ve shared to Tumblr or Twitter. I’m kinda over Tumblr though, so for future, maybe Facebook and Twitter.


Do you ever save quotes from Wattpad? (like screenshot or create image and save it to camera roll)


I think when that quote art feature was new I tried it with my own work and another’s Wattpad work, but it doesn’t seem to get attention for me, so I didn’t continue with it.

I’m aware Instagram might be a better platform for visuals, but when I got Instagram I made rules for myself about what content I could post. (It was only pictures of food (to make fun of my sister’s Hipster foodie photos) and then I asked and followers said it was OK if it was food and Lego. Now, my sister has two accounts one for her pro film set stills and one for pictures of her kids that only close friends and family can follow). So, I think I’d need a separate author Instagram account to use it for quote art. And some platforms make it trickier to have multiple accounts/log-ins. Maybe I should ask my sister how she set-up the two accounts.


On the rare occasion I share it on Twitter (I just feel weird doing that so I limit my self promotion) it’s usually either link to the first chapter or the blurb page. Depends on who I’m sharing with as to what I link. A general shout out is usually the blurb page.

Then when I advertise on the SYS thread it’s usually linked to the first chapter. The copyright page is just there for my personal comfort but I don’t expect people to ever actually read it, so I don’t link it usually.


I guess I should say like @Prisim did that when I share, I am often sharing updates so it’s a link to the chapter. But if I were going to share a work in general, maybe to a new platform or something, I would send the link to the main page for the work, because I would want to make sure the description, rating, etc. was visible before they read.


I share on twitter and instagram (rarely). Recently I havent read many books so my sharing is low. But I tweet and retweet alot. Instagram and twitter have better visibility to followers from experience. Facebook used to be good but after they changed the newsfeed visibility now my posts hardly get any hits. I find social media effective. Bloggers also share their reviews of wattpad books and people can do guest blogs on them to share.


I just link it. I’ve used the little twitter button on Wattpad when I’ve made shoutouts from my twitter account - but mostly I just use a link.


quoting wattpad is possible, just not straight forward, which I guess you should probably know about…

select the text, then click share to facebook.
It opens up the text you have selected in a new window which you can then copy+paste.

Might be something to fix


I had forgotten about that, though I now remember seeing it. When text is highlighted one of those little contextual menus with the facebook icon comes up, I think. Is that how it is now?


Do you share quotes often?


nope never, only use this when commenting to suggest a paragraph change.

but i’m good at going off topic :slight_smile: