When Your Parents Fight

Hmm…thts quite complicated. Having parents fight is always terrible, I think. Having them fight all the time must be evn harder. :frowning:


I did get depression but I’ve recovered now and I feel like it was a big step towards me growing up as a person. It helped me become significantly self-aware and see the world in a new light. Breaking everything down helped me build everything back up in a much better way than before, maybe?


It might sound strange but it’s not at all like that for me. Perhaps it’s because I’ve stopped seeing them as more mature than I am. Many of the causes of the arguments are because of their inner child.

I was about to, but my nerves were already getting affected by all the strong emotions and pain. My sister’s was too, butthings started getting better when we grew up.

May I ask how old you are btw?

It is normal for here and then, but not always. It depends really. And if it’s bothering u, its not ur fault.

Mine is like those in books. Some secret? God knws. As long I am out of their fights, and it does not cause too much prob between them, idc bout the cause.

I am so sorry. Stay strong with ur sister…u have her to share ur thoughts with.

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It’s normal when their personalities are naturally not compatible with each other–my parents are like that. Most of the issues they have now is because their parents rushed their marriage all those years ago (they married two months after they barely started seeing each other oof) but now we can’t really do anything about it since they’ve already got three kids and everything. Right now, they’re just holding out until we get old enough and can move away. They’ll probably live apart after we do.

hmm I personally think you should try to intervene if you’re old enough? (this is why I asked for your age)

Your parents are literally family, after all and it doesn’t benefit you if they’re giving each other the silent treatment lol. Acting like it does not involve you at all is probably an unhealthy way of dealing with it…


I turn 15 in 3 months.
I don’t think its my place to intervene tho. It feels really personal for them and it could ruin my relationship with my mom.

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ooh you’re still very young… I hope it works out for you o.o

Do you have older siblings or reliable relatives you can talk to?

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I do have an older brother but he is in college. Unfortunately we don’t really have tht close relationship. Maybe i could tell him something if he was here? On top of tht, my family doesn’t really talk about feelings and stuff.
Relatives, nah. My parents would kill me if i told them about their fights. I am not close to them anyway.

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oof I feel that. My family doesn’t talk about feelings at all, except my dad likes to ramble a lot and he tells everyone about his problems lmao so when my parents fight, all of our relatives find out :pensive:

I wasn’t close to my siblings (younger) until quite recently either but now, the three of us are really close and we confide into each other, help each other out. Maybe this is mainly why I feel like it’s alright?

Can’t you text or call your brother and tell him about it?

Well, I don’t have my own phone yet so will have to use my parents’ mobiles. (Not an option) Also if I call him my parents will knw. Also he is staying at my relatives house due to Covid-19 so they may knw tht I called him. My mom may come to knw from tht…so Nope.

ah that’s a hard situation…

I gtg though; it’s past curfew now but feel free to hit me up in my dms. I’ll reply to you tmr (maybe 10 hours from now). My mom’s literally ran away from home 3 times because if the violent fights they have sometimes so I kind of unwilling became an expert on this topic? xD

There might be some cultural differences (I’m from an asain family) but I’ll try to provide emotional support, at least c:

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do they have a gp when u fight ur parent thats the one I need :sweat_smile:

Oi- My parents go in spurts where they fight constantly.

They’ll be madly in love for a few years at a time, then it’ll be about four months of war, and I mean war. It’s nearly pushed them to divorce before. Usually, it ends in my dad leaving for a few hours, or even a few days. The content of the fights can be anything from “are you cheating?” to finances to housing situations to mw and mg siblings.

It’s really hard to take and to see, but I think it’s pretty normal–married couples fighting like, well, like married couples. It’s a saying for a reason.

I hope you’re doing okay with your mess, and I hope your parents sort things out soon. It’d really be a shame to see yet another family split up unnecessarily. (I’m in a tiny minority where I’m at–my parents are still married and I don’t have any step siblings and I’m in high school.)

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I am from an asian fam too, dont worry :slight_smile:

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