Where are my 20+ year old peeps in wattpad?!! - I feel SO old! LETS BE FRIENDS!



I tried doing these before, but I somehow either fell out of habit or had to focus on something else due to deadlines.

Although, I’m currently determined to get my current manuscript done this month before the semester starts. Even though it’ll be a full rewrite from scratch, it’ll still be worth it in the end. I’m pretty sure I can get around 150k words done by the end of the month, even though that’s just an estimation. lol


I am a fan of a few anime…mostly 7 Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail, Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist…more too but I can’t remember them right now


150k?!? Wow! I couldn’t even do the 50k for NaNo and split it into 25 twice.


My Watty Book ended around 130k, but I wasn’t satisfied with how it turned out and I’m a better writer now than back when I wrote that mess. lol This is going through its own rewrite too.

My current manuscript has three parts planned and it’s a full rewrite of the first story I wrote on Wattpad. The first two parts are meant to be 30 chapters and around 60k each. The third part would be around 15 chapters and maybe somewhere between 20-30k.

Would it be even crazier sounding if I mention that it’s just Book 1 out of a 17-book saga? All of my works are in the same universe after all.


Wow. My book for a recent contest was a complete rewrite from 2016, which was a rewrite from 2012. Then I wrote the sequel, the 3rd one for NaNo, and have a prequel and 2 more in between books planned. But I’m trying to not focus on new books this year and instead focus on promoting the ones I already have.


hi everyone

ive been here since 2012 I guess. ive got a lot of incomplete work on wattpad. took a really long hiatus so never got around to finishing it. just recently became active again.


You can do it! I took a hiatus last year and got a lot done now that I’m active again!


idk about that. im also a graphic designer so I do that sometimes here when im bored. im a med student so I don’t really have time to write a book at the moment


Which age group do you belong to?
20-25 > Me! I’m 23, will be 24 this summer.

How long have you been writing on wattpad?
For about six months or so. I never really understood how it worked when I initially joined. However, when I returned, I took some time to research a bit XD

How many published books do you have on wattpad?
I have one completed book, a series I am rewriting, a novella series that I’m starting for the Open Novella contest, and a Tarot series.

What genre do you write about?
Fantasy (particularly dark and high fantasy), Mythology (like the Zodiac), Romance, and Adventure.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I like to watch Asian dramas and listen to K-Pop :slight_smile:


That sounds like a good plan. :slightly_smiling_face: Better to focus on gaining more readers for what you have now than trying to work on new stuff right away. It’s best to take your time with things than trying to rush.

Ever since I finished my Novella last year and now that’s going to be traditionally published, I’m working hard and nonstop to get this new manuscript finished. I’m trying to lock in a sooner release date, though at this point, a 2020 release date for this current manuscript is practically unavoidable. A book that’s approximately 150k words is going to end up as my largest book written so far and it’s not even the biggest book I have planned.


omg yasss kpop and kdramas


Wow! Good for you! Wish I was going places in life. :sob:


:joy: thanks I guess. not what I think when im drowned in all the stuff to do before the exams :stuck_out_tongue:




Oh, I’m doing the open novella contest too!


Good luck! How did you go about being traditionally published?


I’m listening to K-pop right now XD

@dreamsmadereal cool! What genre/prompt are you going for?


which song


A lot of your 20+ year old peeps are at #the-pub. It’s like Cafe for people who can legally buy a drink.

Which age group do you belong to?
31-40 --> me
(If you are here is because you are not scared to share this information, I’m guessing)

How long have you been writing on wattpad?
Only since December, to post the good parts of what I wrote during National Novel Writing Month.

How many published books do you have on wattpad?
1 book.

What genre do you write about?
Usually urban fantasy, but for Nanowrimo I deliberately avoided the paranormal and played it straight, resulting in some boozy chicklit.

Anything else you’d like to share?
If I wasn’t a writer, I’d just be a housewife with kids.


Thanks! I have a connection with the head of an indie publishing house. I just contacted them once I had a manuscript ready.

Although, I still had to go through the usual steps like submitting the first few pages, give a synopsis, a quick 1-2 sentence summary, etc. Other than that, I’m just waiting to get my manuscript back so I can make further edits. I already have my own handpicked team ( i.e Editor, illustrator, and cover designer). Most of the manuscript was already edited a ton, so it’s only a matter of time until I can get a sooner release date.