Where are my 20+ year old peeps in wattpad?!! - I feel SO old! LETS BE FRIENDS!



October is such a pretty month dreamsmadereal. Congrats on the wedding!!! My husband and I had an October wedding and did it a little more Halloween style but then my good friend actually had hers that month too and it was more rustic, country glamour. There is some good schemes you can come up with. Wish you luck with all the planning!!!


Yami no Matsuei, Durarara, Ghost Hound, D.Gray-Man, and Hetalia.



I recently finished watching Ashes of Love and Meteor Garden on Netflix. They’re very good! I recommend them if you ever want to get back to watching dramas :rofl:


Lol, I thought everyone did that. Psssh, being a responsible adult can wait a few minutes.


Happy early birthday! :slight_smile:


Cheering, cheering for you. But adding all of that sounds like a lot of work. Did you have them in different stories before?


You’re welcome ^^

I’m a fast reader so I’m always looking around for new things :rofl:


Which age group do you belong to?
20-25 -ME
How long have you been writing on wattpad?
Writing? About half a year. Reading? About 4-5 years On the forums? About 4-5 months.

How many published books do you have on wattpad?
“Real” stories? None. I’m currenty working on my first. The other stuff that I have on my account are miscellaneous, not really a story or anything.

What genre do you write about?
I write about Action/Romance
Anything else you’d like to share?
USA, & I’m 20 in around 2 months so eh, close enough.


I originally tried to have all of them be their own series, but I eventually realized the world felt rather empty. So, instead, I merged them all into the same universe. All of the lore that I made beforehand had to be reworked so that everything could flow well. So, now that’s done and I now have at least a decade’s worth of material to work with.


Hello! :smiley:


Hey, whatsup?


Nothing much, just trying to figure out how I’ll be starting this fourth chapter.

How’re things going for you?


Eh, not much either, kinda just hanging out among other things.


MY ROLE MODEL!!! That sounds like something I’d do. Thank you so much for sharing!


I’m sort of teetering between procrastinating and writing at the moment.

I want to get things done, but at the same time… eh.


Welcome another mommy buddie!!! I have eye pain, but it might be from being on wattpad so dang long! :joy:


Oh I hear you, that’s totally what I’m thinking like 90% of the time lmao


Hi Risa!!! Welcome to the thread!

I see a lot here who write in your genres, you will definitely be finding some good wattpad friends here!


Does any other 20 year old get frustrated with writing? :joy: I can’t seem to get this novel started.


My bday is the 17 of june! but I turn 29… first generation of 90s kids here