Where are my 20+ year old peeps in wattpad?!! - I feel SO old! LETS BE FRIENDS!



XD I think every-year-old gets frustrated with writing lmao


I haven’t been able to write anything original, only fanfictions and it’s trying my confidence with writing if I am being totally honest. It’s causing me to want to pull my hair out.


Lol I think I lost my inspiration and motivation again. :sob:


Oohhh and I’m the last of the 90s lmao

Oh and btw if you want to connect with other moms, there’s a thread called “Writer Moms” if you search that’s, you’ll find their thread


I really like U2. I also enjoy Gun’s N Roses, Boston, Journey and Toto when it was more rockery… if that’s a word.


Don’t worry, a blank manuscript is the most challenging thing for a writer. :sob:


Well hello there! Im admittedly too lazy to read all the replies so here I am replying to just the first post

I’m in the 20-25 range. Crossing into the 26-30 range in June.

I’ve been on wattpad for about a year now I guess (wow, where did that time go)

I have 2 finished novella’s posted with 1 more book in progress

I write about nerd stuff :stuck_out_tongue: my posted works are 2 sci fi pieces and 1 star wars fanfic. I have plans to start a fantasy story once my star wars piece is done

Anything else I’d like to share. :thinking: im not really sure what to say here umm I live in Canada and have a dog


Trust me, I’m there now XD Staring at this blank sheet of paper.


Nice to meet you!!! And welcome! I write romance teen fic. Don’t know if that fits with your likes, but if it does, I would love if you could read through it and leave feedback. Also, I have some good songs with a few of the chapters. :slight_smile:


Niiiiiicceeee :sunglasses: Well, then again, I’m writing a fantasy where all of my works are in the same universe. I think most of us are nerds. lol


…Story of my life? Wait, no, I think my joke doesn’t work when I’m surrounded by writers. (._. )


Nah, I got you :wink:


Haha true enough. That sounds really cool what kind if fantasy is it? High fantasy? Low fantasy? Urban fantasy? Sonething I don’t kniw about?


Thanks for the backup. lol :rofl:


Welcome paws!!! WELCOME TO THE OLD SIDE OF WATTPAD!!! NAH! just kidding! Buahahaha!


XD hahah yup thanks.


I think we all do honey! At some point or another…


Thanks! I learn so many new things on wattpad everyday. It’s like it doesn’t want me to have a life… hahaa!


No problem
And yes, you are correct hahah


I think you just listed most of the types of fantasy. Though, then again, creativity is infinite.

…What do you call a mix of high and low fantasy? Is that a thing? Would it be called “Medium Fantasy”? Okay, well, jokes aside.

Some of the books in my universe would be high fantasy. Others could be urban fantasy at some parts. The way I set the timeline is that the first book is set on an “unknown history period” for Earth, then fast-forward to modern day where the remainder of the stories take place. There are other realms and other worlds being used as the setting depending on the book. Not just present-day Earth. There’d be some sci-fi elements too.