Where are my Dragons?

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I’ve been craving for some fantasy lately, particularly dragons. I don’t require much but your stories would be great if they at least involve dragons or have a dragon theme. Stories that don’t have dragons are welcome.

If I don’t get to your book, know that I may or may not be interested and please don’t take any offense to it. I do however, take my time to at least attempt to look at your works.

All I ask of you guys is to follow a simple criteria. FYI if it’s not met, I will skip your story.

Summary: Give a brief explanation of your story and sell it to me. No need of your entire summary from the book, your Chapter Preview makes up for it E.g., My MC is an ancient dragon that is cursed in human form. To break the curse, MC has to find the missing fragments of his dragon heart.

Chapter preview gives me a better idea and understanding of your writing. It doesn’t have to be short, I prefer a longer passage. No less than 20 sentences.

Chapter Preview

E.g., MC rose from the the ground like a daisy. Mushu awaken. He yells, “I live! So, tell me, what mortal needs my protection, Great Ancestor. You just say the word and I’m there…

Link Please provide a link just for me. :slight_smile:


Hi! I was wondering if you were interested fantasy romance that has dragons…? :smiley:

Yes. Any fantasy is welcome dragons are a plus.

Ooooo, okay :slight_smile:
Here it is and the ad is clickable :smiley:


Chapter Preview

One of their soldiers knocks on the carriage door and whispers something into the carriage. The soldier then leaves the carriage. The entourage is just standing there, awkwardly. I clear my throat and shift a little in Elias’s grasp. Then, the carriage door opens slowly.

I then see a young man, slowly peeking out of the carriage and placing a foot delicately onto the ground. Dangerously fiery golden eyes, red royal attire, dashing hair that just, unfortunately, has to look perfect, and some sort of familiar dragon tattoo running up his neck. I scoff. This has to be Prince Kyro.

I also have a friend (@ModernWaterRider ) who just so happened to write about dragons in the modern world. I can’t find the link for her book right now, but you can check it out on her profile :slight_smile:


Sounds good thanks!

Thank you for giving it a chance
Hope you enjoy it ^-^

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Don’t you have some dragons n things :eyes:


My MC is chosen by dragons they come later on though and there are half dragons called Drago as well later on :slight_smile:


Title: The Black Forest


When Hazen Solvaya and her parents travel to Hornberg, Germany to visit family, she has no idea that her arrival will set in motion a thousand-year-old prophecy.

With the prophecy set in motion, Hazen is ripped away from everything she’s ever known and thrust into a war-ridden land, with death ever-present.

As Hazen journeys the world of the Black Forest to the elves of Casvara, she is faced with the knowledge that Ezra-- a fallen elf corrupted by demons, wants nothing more than to see her dead.

She must discover who and what she is in order to survive. Before the darkness consumes not only her but the lives around her.

Her fate, and the future of everyone rest on her shoulders. As the dragon inside awakens, and the final battle awaits on the horizon.

Chapter one preview

Black clouds billowed through the treeline of Álfheimr, city of the light elves. Ash rained down as bodies burned, and the flames overtook the fields that lay beyond the forest.

Savven stared out passed the trees, watching, waiting. Moments trapped in numb silence, his breath even, heartbeat calm. A thin blade lay in his tight grip, ready.

Then they came. The second attack of the Dökkálfar, the fallen of his kin, rolled through the black ash like an angry horde. With a loud cry, he lunged forward. With his brothers at his back, he met them halfway.

The dark ones swarmed around him, slamming his body back and knocking the breath from his lips. His blade came up, slicing through flesh and bones. Blood splayed across his face, his black hair whipping through the air, as he spun out of the way. An arrow aimed for the space between his eyes.

With a snarl, he leapt forward, his blade cutting through the archer with ease. Death came swiftly with every swipe of his sword. He and his kinsmen cut through the mass of defiled elves, reaching the edge of the forest as the last of them fell.

Beyond the moor sat hundreds of Dökkálfar, bloodlust clear in their hungry eyes. They stood, waiting, watching them as the rows of the fallen shifted with the desire to attack.

Savven’s blue eyes scanned the rows until he found him. Nostrils flaring in rage, he watched the face of one he used to call a friend.

Ezra stood amongst the chaos and death, the look of a thousand demons behind cold eyes. A sinister smile on his sharp features, his black eyes staring at Savven from across the burning bodies.

Savven felt something deep within him stir, a sadness creeping up from behind his rage. Barring his teeth in an angry snarl, he pushed it down, drowning the unwanted emotion.

“They will all fall, Savven.”

The words were barely registered over the noise of the Dökkálfar, but Savven heard them nonetheless.

Savven’s grip tightened around his blade. “We shall see.”

Ezra’s eyes turned black as he raised his hands slowly, and from the ground, dark shadows whispered out from the grave beneath them.

“Savven, the King is the only one strong enough to fight Ezra.”

Savven glanced at Lithônion, his closest friend. Blood trailed down the side of his face and arms, worn scars marking the cords of muscle along his bare flesh. His armour still gleaming under the burden of battle. His green eyes were serious as he watched Ezra with familiarity, an unknown emotion passing over his gaze quickly.

“Ezra wants the throne. If he takes it, that will be the end of us all.”

Lithônion pursed his lips at those words. “I never took you as a coward, Savven. Your father surely isn’t one.”

Savven gave him a hard stare. “Watch your tongue, Lithônion.”

“Adanessa!” Lithônion’s voice barked out the command with ease, watching Savven as a lithe female ran out from the ranks behind them.

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Hey there! We have some dragon things in here! (A guy that may or may not transform into a dragon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Other than that, some lovely epic fantasy. Enjoy!

Frozen Flame

This is book 1 of ‘the War of Fire and Ice’ chronicles.

An old age is setting, a new age is dawning…

The world of Fire and Ice has been at each other’s throats for centuries. As new rulers rise to power, the peace that has barely lasted between the two, looks as if it’s ready to break. A deathly secret, found deep within Ice, may be the deciding factor to the vicious battle ahead.
Thorn, a powerful soldier with a dark past, has been captured. Vowing to keep a secret that may decide the world’s fate, he experiences pain and torment. However, when his family gets involves, he realizes his choices may endanger their lives.
As each ruler fights to achieve their wishes, and Thorn’s family become more and more at risk, the inevitable war fast approaches. Death approaches.
And sometimes death is the only answer.

Genre: Fantasy (Epic/High and Dark) - Romance, Mystery, Thriller etc.
Ongoing - 1 prologue, 44 chapters
I hope you take the time to check out my story! :blush:
Imagination, dreams and reality become one … Sylvia Shadow

Enter the world of Fire and Ice here

Prologue preview

Screaming and yelling cut through the air like lightning. A dark atmosphere clouded the Temple; sinister and discomforting, it was like a nightmare had been brought to life.

So the mountain responded.

Lava leapt up inside Fire Mountain and liquid fire swirled inside the prisons like a whirlpool. Magma arced around the Fire Temple and dripped off the mountainside; each droplet racing the other to the foreboding fall below, sure to end in certain death.

The doors flew open, followed swiftly by clashing metal and cries of pain. Fighting. Struggling. Anguish. The prisoner was finally here.

The Fire Lord, perched on his large throne, clicked his tongue and sighed. His long black hair parted in a wave as his raised his head and stared at the prisoner. Sunlight streamed through the open doors, its pale glow reflecting in the impatient king’s green and grey eyes. An elegant hand raised to his dark hair, gently brushing it behind himself before lowering and pushing the king up.

Soldiers tugged and pulled at the prisoner entering the doorway, holding him in his chains as he continuously fought against them. Sweat dripped down their heads, covering the hard ground in silvery sheen and pulling against the tiredness sweeping their frames.

All at once, the prisoner’s body went limp, the soldiers tumbling to the ground in the sudden lax of resistance. It seemed to be only a ploy however, as he quickly untangled their grasp and flipped away from them, feet thudding rapidly beneath him. But soldiers in Fire were well trained. Very well trained. Only a few metres separated them before a soldier began to change.

I have a fantasy story with sea-dragons as a recurring symbol/theme, but there aren’t any dragons that make an appearance in the book, so I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for.

However, Hungry Skies by @thatCalamity has dragons meets wild west! And The Fallen Crow by @CelticWhovian has dragons/baby dragons. And I know @FantasybkLover has several dragon-related books. Hopefully they see this and come in to give better explanations so that you can get your dragon fix :slight_smile:


This one has a dragon in it


@DomiSotto has a book with a dragon!

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Let us return to Middle Earth and meet all of our favourite dwarves and Smaug again!

Three female dwarves. Three couples eventually…

Thorin survived the great battle, heavily injured, but both of his nephews died. With the heaviest of hearts he sends Balin and Dwalin to pick up his beloved sister Dís, mother of Kili and Fili, to join him in Erebor. And this journey will not only change Dwalin’s life forever.

Where she is right


Sneak peek:
“The next morning drew near with birdsong and windy, cloudless spring weather and everybody was up very early to tackle the descent. The barely discernible path wound down and the surroundings became unclear with turns and dense undergrowth on both sides.
Dwalin was strangely restless since he had gotten up this morning and pressed forward. Finally he decided to ride ahead of the others to explore the way. About half an hour later they heard his battle cry and the clash of arms from afar.
Dís startled.”

Wo sie recht hat Auch im deutschen Original verfügbar! :wink:

The Hobbit/Tolkien fantasy fandom.
Mature content.


@OnlyaDreamNowx1 this post is yours


Hey there :slight_smile: My story has an epilogue that’s basically a preview for the next story, from the POV of a dragon. He’ll be the sequel’s MC when I get to writing it, and the epilogue shows the readers a bit about his character and his situation.

I’m not sure the entire epilogue is much longer than 20 sentences, since it’s quite small, so I’d rather leave the link.


That said, the rest of the story is also very much fantasy and quite a bit longer. I can give a preview of that.

Blaze in the Darkness is about a young fox trying to find her way back to her momma after centuries of being imprisoned in an enchanted bottle. However, the world is dangerous for a small creature like her, and reaching her momma is far harder than she ever imagined.

Preview of chapter one

I’ve wondered what the outside looks like for a long time now. When one was stuck in a container where they can reach from one side to another with their nose to their tail, one began to think. I could still remember it, in the beginning. The smells, the light, the trees, and the rain. I didn’t know how much time had passed, but my memories passed with it.

Like most days, I sat on the smooth surface of my tiny home and watched all the other creatures. Their glass bottles, jars, and pots on the various shelves in the room. Some of the creatures stared back. Others simply slept. Quite a few pacing nervously.

I resisted the urge to join them. Something was off, and it terrified us all. For as long as we’d been there, the Beast Collector had come to watch us every day. Sometimes he brought others of his kind to stare at us with him. Often, they had the same vicious look in their eyes as he did. This was the longest we hadn’t seen him or his companions.

To calm myself, I paced circles in my small bottle. My tail of fire dragged on the glass behind me, swaying from side to side on the beat of my nerves. I had walked this track many times, and knew it by heart. Wooden wall. Stone wall. Wooden wall. Open side. Wooden wall. Stone wall. Wooden wall. Open side. And the entire time, glass all around me.

(I recognize your name, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s because I’ve seen you around the forums or because you read my book. Apologies if it’s the latter.)


My MC is a knight that comes to a hundred years old, sleeping village seemingly to hunt down the dragon everyone is afraid of. I bet you can’t imagine what happens next :wink:
Looking at your criterion, I’m sure that you’ll love reading it.

Link : The White Crown
Head over to the prologue. You have a surprise waiting for you!


Mine’s a comedy about a girl who discovers her college crush is a unicorn. I know you are looking for dragons, but wings and avid descriptions of them are still involved! Haha. Do take a look!

Summary : Meet Charlie - a driven, snotty and a little bit pretentious, goody three-shoes college girl. On the morning after a party, Charlie discovers a real live Unicorn.

Vainpot, peanut level pretty, the disaster-prone, slightly unlucky but driven college girl discovers a world, she might have least expected.

Reality is only so much, but what if he’s really got unicorn-ammunition? That’s Jones, a real live, yes, not a llama, a unicorn. Two undergraduates and a much-undiscovered enchanted land.

Chapter Preview
I got up groggily crawling out from under a drinks table, wrapped in part of the table cloth.

I think I put my head in my handbag. It was still too early morning to think about school. I am just so tired. I was so hungry. I might just eat that squawking seagull. Squack. Squak. Sqak. Sqak. Noisier than my alarm clock.

Flipping my handbag right side up, I get up. On my feet. They were feeling too wobbly high-rise pain for the morning. White stilettos, while fur anklet. A warm round white hobo bag with tassels. Curly brown hair fizzing a bit, all messed up and part of my bangs lifted in salute to the missing Sun. There were ribbons twisted in my hair from party crackers or a champagne bottle. Not too sure. I could taste white icing on my teeth from last night.

And he was up on the rooftop too. Ohmygod. By he, I mean Jones. He was just standing there, next to a floating cloud, straying, almost a sun behind his head.

Link Because He’s Got UnicornAmmunition


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Thanks for the shoutout. Also, can you help me make an ad like yours? I really like it.

Dragon Rider in the Modern World
Summary:Valerie Jackson has lived fifteen years being completely ordinary. And she is perfectly fine with that. Some people live the adventures and others read them. Valerie was perfectly happy being an innocent bystander, until the tables turn and she finds herself in the possession of a dragon egg.

Suddenly thrown into an adventure story she never expected, Valerie scrambles to keep her new secret and somehow balance the daily struggles of being a teenager.

But, life never goes exactly as planned, especially when you’re a modern day Dragon Rider.


Valerie POV:

A sliver of sunlight filtered through the space between the window and the curtain of my room as I woke up. I put my pillow up against the headboard and grabbed the book I was currently reading from the nightstand beside me. The book was high fantasy with some romance, and the last in a series that had become one of my favorites. Turning to the page I was on, I started to read with a smile on my face as I was immersed once more in the world the author had created. I wanted to be able to do that one day, and my dream was to be a published author in the future.

Some time later, I decided to go out for a morning walk while everyone woke up. I set the book back on the nightstand after memorizing the page I was on, and went silently out of bed as to not wake my sister, which wouldn’t be a good thing considering she didn’t like waking up early, and we would most likely end up arguing about something. I changed my pj pants for some sports leggings as to not get them dirty, and put a jacket and my tennis shoes on. I crept out of the room, trying not to make much noise, but not really achieving that because the floorboards were creaky. I went down the stairs with my hand on the railing, careful not to slip on the stairs like I had done several times before. Then I opened the door and left the house.

The beautiful sight of autumn greeted me. I walked through the forest, the dry leaves crinkling beneath my feet, while around me the trees boasted glorious shades of yellows, oranges, browns and reds. The wind whistled through the trees and leaves glided down slowly until they reached the floor. At my left was Lac Pemichangan, it’s surface completely smooth, with hardly any ripples. As I walked I went back to what had been happening between me and Sarah, and what I could do about it. We had always been close, but when she got Firefly, her gelding, without nearly as much work as I had to put into being able to get Flicka, my own mare had driven a wedge between us. I wished we could solve it and go back to a normal relationship where we as close as always.

I had stopped paying attention to everything around me, lost in my thoughts when I tripped over something and was brought back to my senses. I picked myself up, brushing the dirt off my leggings and turning to look at what had made me trip. Whatever the object was, it was covered in leaves, so I brushed them off, revealing a bronze and blue surface. I had never seen something like it, and obviously curiosity won over, and I finished moving the leaves off it so I could see what it was properly.

When the object was completely uncovered I could see that it was an oblong shape, about the size of my head, and that the blue color I had seen before drew patterns that looked like veins on top of the brilliant bronze surface. It was completely smooth to the touch, but one of the things that surprised me was that I could feel a little heat coming from it. This just kept getting even more mysterious. The colors and shape could have suggested that it was a gemstone, but the heat still didn’t make sense, and it would have been incredibly unusual for a gemstone to be that big. I lifted it off the ground, expecting it to be quite heavy, but I was surprised to find out that it was the opposite, and quite easy to pick up considering its size and the material it seemed to be made of.

Taking a look at the watch on my wrist I realized that I had spent more time here than I had intended, and that I should head back before it was breakfast time. I decided to take the object with me because I wanted to investigate it further. I walked back to the cottage and went in. I looked around to see if anyone could see me coming in, so that they wouldn’t see the stone and wouldn’t get suspicious. Thank goodness they were all in the kitchen, which was behind a wall so they couldn’t see me. I went up to my room and I looked for a place to hide the object until I could come back and investigate it for myself. My eyes scanned the room until they landed on a drawer that nobody ever opened. If I put it there and I covered it with something nobody would notice it was there.

Once it was properly hidden I went downstairs for breakfast. I was hungry, but I wanted to get everything out of the way so I could get to work on figuring out what it was. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some pancakes from the plate on the counter.

“Where were you earlier?” Sarah asked me. It may have not seemed as if we weren’t as close as we always were, but the second we were back home and at the stables, the competition was on!

“A walk through the forest. I was waiting for you to wake up.”

“We’re not early birds like you are. We actually sleep,” she retorted.

“I do sleep. I get the eight hours I’m supposed to.”

Sarah just rolled her eyes in response, and I just ate my pancakes quietly, ignoring my sister. When I was finished I set my plate and glass in the dishwasher and went upstairs to get ready.

I put on a long sleeved shirt, jeans, my UGG boots, and put my brown hair into a simple braid so it wouldn’t get into my face. I closed the door and took out the object from its hiding place. The shape could suggest an egg, but that seemed too far fetched as animals didn’t lay eggs like that. But just in case I decided to search types of eggs and gemstones up on the internet to try to discard those options.

Just as I clicked the search button, I heard a tapping noise coming from somewhere beside me. I looked at the object and saw it vibrating a little in its place. What could it be? I watched in awe as cracks started to appear. So it was an egg after all! A piece fell off, and I could see a sapphire colored eye staring right at me.

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I have another book that is also fantasy, but doesn’t have dragons.

Summary:Prince Julián of Attrais has had the perfect life. It gets even better when on a trip to a neighboring kingdom, Literaya he meets princess Veronika, the granddaughter of the king and queen. However, when war erupts because the monarchs of the other kingdoms of Artistica believe that their form of art is better than the rest, they have to team up with the princes and princesses of the other three kingdoms to convince their parents and the rest of the nobility that war isn’t necessary, since in the end, they are all Art.


Prince Julián scanned the crowd of nobles and royals, all dressed in the colors that represented their kingdom, looking for a pop of color, the purple dress and black princess curls that could only belong to Princess Veronika of Literaya. Only magic users or sorcerers used purple, and none of the few royals who possessed the ability, including himself, would use the color openly, especially during an event as important as the musical.

He spotted her near the front, next to her younger sister, Lacy. Julián had to restrain himself from running and greeting her, because he knew his father was watching and would disapprove, saying that it wasn’t the proper behavior for the crown prince of Attrais. Instead, he walked between the rows of chairs at the theatre at a respectable speed, but eager to see his friend.

They had met a few months earlier during a trip Julián took to her kingdom. Initially, he hadn’t been looking forward to it at all, since it was a political trip to attempt to make an agreement between both kingdoms about commerce. Attrais and Literaya had an age long rivalry because they each thought that either images or words were more important. Julián didn’t see the point of this argument at all. It was an endless loop of ego and pride, which prevented them from learning anything about other cultures, which would be very valuable knowledge for their own kingdom. But their ego blinded them, when they actually weren’t as perfect as they thought.

Thankfully, what had promised to be a boring trip turned out to be one of the best things in his life. He met Veronika, and they became fast friends, bonding over their love for learning about other cultures, and the fact that they were both sorcerers, and neither had many friends because of that. By the end of the trip, Julián had known that he wanted to see his new friend again. Now, after several months apart, he was reuniting with her at the musical, an event that represented the unity between all the kingdoms of Artistica.

He finally reached their seats, and with a smile greeted the two princesses of Literaya. Veronika’s eyes sparkled as she stood up and gave him a hug.

“Julián! You made it! I really missed you.”

“Me too. Letters just aren’t enough,” he said, laughing a little.

“What am I? Invisible?” Lacy complained sarcastically.

“Hello Lacy. It has been a long time without seeing you.”

Julián remembered Lacy’s sarcasm well. The red headed, younger Princess of Literaya was also a good friend, but more than that, he saw her as the little sister he never had. He would protect his friends and family no matter what, and both Lacy and Veronika were no exceptions.

Julián sat down on the velvet seat that Veronika had saved him at her right, and continued talking with both princesses until the lights provided by sorcerers dimmed and the curtains parted, revealing the set for the one hundred and seventy fifth musical since the establishment of the five kingdoms of Artistica.

The young prince was glad that he could finally be with Veronika again. What he had said earlier had been true. Those months without her had been lonely, and letters that took several days to arrive were too little. They were far from what it was like to see her in person.

The set was a beautiful walled garden, with exotic flowers and trees all over. A couple walked in, and everyone’s full attention was on them from that moment till the end of the musical…

“I love you Izta, do you know that?” the man said.

“I do. I love you too.”

Then, he told her that he wanted to ask her father for her hand in marriage after he proved he was worthy of her. She agreed, but suddenly, a man came running in, interrupting the character’s almost kiss.

“Princess! Your father called for you urgently. He is not well, to say the least.”

They ran to the king’s room, and after an emotional exchange between father and daughter, the elderly king died, leaving the responsibility of ruling their people to his daughter. The princess took a deep breath, and immediately took control of the situation, giving the orders as to what to do next.

Julián admired how the princess took control the way she did, her strong leadership, especially after the death of her father. If Julián had been put in her position, he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to do what she did. Despite being the Crown Prince, he wasn’t that used to politics and giving orders like the princess from the musical did.

As the musical continued, Julián found himself seeing how he would react if he were placed in the character’s situations. He would have done anything to protect his people, and those he cared about like the soldiers and the princess’ lover. He probably would have been overwhelmed with all the responsibility like the princess was, but he simply couldn’t connect with what happened after that.

The princess received the news that her lover had died in the war, and became sick, eventually dying of grief and a broken heart, just because of the evil plot to take over the kingdom.

Julián just couldn’t imagine that ever happening to him. Yes, the situation was somewhat unrealistic, but the part he couldn’t connect with was how the princess loved her partner so much, that she died instead of living without him.

When the curtain finally went down, and the lights came on again, the floating balls of fire regaining their brightness, the theatre erupted in chatter. In Julián’s personal opinion, this was the best musical there had been in years. The script was wonderfully done by the people from Literaya, the songs and music were some of the best Melodia had ever produced, and the dances Gambolon had choreographed fit the scenes perfectly. The actors, as always did a wonderful job, and one couldn’t ignore the beautiful set made by Attrais.

Veronika’s hand slipped into Julián’s as the three of them walked out of the theatre, and even though neither of them noticed, Lacy gave them a weird look. Outside they met their parents and Veronika’s grandparents, who were the current monarchs of Literaya. Julián inclined his head respectfully and greeted his friend’s family, as well as his own parents.

“Good morning Queen Cadance, King Ronald.” He then turned and greeted Veronika’s parents in the same way.

It was so typical of Julián to be that formal, but considering he had been with the royal family of Literaya for about a month during his visit to Veronika’s kingdom, and he was also a royal, he didn’t have the need to. However, despite Veronika, Lacy and their parents telling him to be less uptight, he wouldn’t budge in his ways.

They all walked together to the dining hall, where all the nobles would get together after the musical, a reunion that usually involved a lot of politics that none of the three young royals enjoyed, but had to participate in. As they neared the doors to the dining hall, they took a deep breath and prepared themselves to navigate through the nuances of the court.

“Are you ready?” Lacy asked.

“Let’s do this together,” Veronika said, nodding as two guards opened the doors for the two royal families.

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