Where are my Historical Fiction people out there?

Historical Fiction is definitely one of the smaller genres on Wattpad, especially when compared with Romance, or Teen Fiction or Fantasy. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t Historical Fiction fans out there! People who love to read stories based on events that interest them!

Let’s try and get a conversation going about Historical Fiction and bring the genre to life!

:spruce_goose::spruce_goose: Unicorns, because why not?


Calls out into the void


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I just finished the Outlander Series. It was fantastic. It’s not a Wattpad book but its definitely a favorite of mine.


I’m here!

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@MidnightBell7 @SuperSuspicious Hello, hello, hello :smiley:

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I’m definitely more inclined towards WW2 and Victorian, especially when it comes to writing. I’ve also just finished watching Anne with an E on Netflix and loved it!

It’s sooo good! Apparently there are huge differences between the show and the books, but I’ve never read them so I’m just enjoying the show xD I got through all 17 episodes in just over 24 hours xD

I have to read North or South for my second year at Uni, one of the core modules we’re doing is Victorian, believe it or not xD

I might look into reading the books since I love the show, but I know I’ll get annoyed at all the changes they made xD For now, I’m just loving the show, especially the cinematography, it’s fabulous.

I’m taking English, so ya know xD I haven’t read it yet, though, I have to read my Romanticism books first

I have seen some pretty good adaptions in the past, but most of them suck xD I do like the modern-ish spin they put on Anne with an E, it works quite well and also suits Anne’s character within the show. I don’t know how many more seasons it’ll have, though, so avoiding the book could last years xD

Yup :smiley: English is all I have going for me so ya know xD

Sometimes they can go over the top with trying to modernise a historical text, but it seems to have worked quite well with Anne. You’re right about the rating, it wouldn’t be that popular if it was terrible :spruce_goose:

I think the issues have always been around, they were just never prevalent until now.

Interesting idea

So, question time!

What is everyone’s favourite genre to read or right in?

Personally, I’m a huge war nerd so I enjoy writing and reading WW2 books and I am also a fan of writing books set in the Victorian era.

Mine is WW2 and Civil War aftermath (like the families and ex slaves after everything is done). I like the dust bowl but I don’t like what’s been written so far.

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A girl actually was like “a dust bowl book is so overdone. There’s so many on wattpad.” I’m like Bish WHERE?

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I’ve only ever seen ‘Of Mice and Men’ being about the Dust Bowl. I suppose more of the classics were written about it, but few modern writers have done it as far as I know. Could be an interesting one to explore :smiley:

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That was my point. Like there’s classics which I like them but modern language for that era would’ve been awesome. The other book I think is Grapes of Wrath.

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Do it! Tackle the great dust bowl! (Preferably with a big spoon)

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awkward laugh I actually had started one a year ago with my professor lol

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Oooooo cool! (I’m in a pun making mood today xD Must be the comment spams :smiley:)

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