Where are the romance people!?

So when I first found my way over here this place was a hive of activity. But I’ve found lately that it’s kinda died down a bit.

So let’s revive it!

I want to know what you like about romance stories, what you wish there was more of, what you are writing, what you think you do well in writing romance and what you think you could improve on. Just everything!


Hi there!

I like when romance story has feels.
I wish there was more of a light realistic romance (and that is what I am trying to write)
How about you?

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Hello! First, I love romance. Every kind of book I’ve ever read is mostly a romance book. Wbu?


Hi there! we meet again

Hello! Wassup?

Yay people!

I like reading about believable people getting together. Not like the perfect specimens you always read about but just your average person.

I like to think that I’m pretty good at writing the build up to characters getting together but I’m not that great at writing after they are together. So that’s usually where my stories end lol


hahaha…i struggle with tat sometimes too

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On WP me too. Some of them are really good

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Me too! Lol

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Also in a totally biased way, I’d love to see much more romance books written from the Male POV. I started writing them because I couldn’t find any to read, and since then there’s been a few more I’ve found but nowhere near enough


I like writing romance stories but I which the ones I saw aren’t always so cliche and predictable. That’s why the book I’m writing is romance alright but with a shade of mystery.


true that. very few books with male POV

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You’re right there. There’s probably another thread to be had at some point about that!

This. This is what I love about reading Romance. I love the realism and the vulnerability in two characters being real with one another. The growth you see in the characters, not just from their love but the trials they go through together, is always refreshing to see. I like seeing everyday people being reminded that they are loved and special.


I don’t know why. But, I prefer love the conflict than the others moment

sorry that i keep disappearing for a long time … i am trying to get a chapter done and keep drawing a blank

YEA, where’s them romance peeps at!?

Just kidding ;).

I love all kinds of romances, so long as it’s realistic. By realistic, I mean that its realistic that a certain character ends up with another. I don’t care if its a rich millionaire falling in love with a poor nanny, or an alien falling in love with a robot. So long as their internal struggles and development in finding that love is a realistic journey. Gotta feel some real heart break at times! Can’t just predict a happily ever after 3 chapters in. Gotta keep us on our toes! Because in real life, we all know there’s tons of internal freak outs of overanalyzing what someone else said, or us stressing over whether or not this person is the right guy for us, or making a couple drunken mistakes where you forget to text back your girlfriend all night and sleep in past the brunch she specially planned to meet her parents for the first time ever. I just wanna see the realistic struggles that come naturally anytime you find yourself falling in love. That shit is stressful, and certainly doesn’t come as easy as many romance novels portray.


Welcome to the forums!

I completely agree with this. It’s the little things, like all of the examples you listed, that I love seeing written into a story. It adds more depth, and even more emotion to the story as a whole.

@StuartCampbell5 I just checked out your work. You have a ton of them…Just wow!

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