Where do you find your inspiration

We don’t think the same. So I’d like to know what influences you and when do most feel comfortable (e.g couch) to write your story

Songs. Good, heartfelt songs that tell stories.


Yeah songs always help. I think better while listening to Soul and RnB

Country music works for me. Although, it depends on what I’m writing. But I have a whole book in my head based around the feeling of a few country songs.

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Music, I hear a specific song and my mind goes into this zone.

Inspiration seems to come to me whenever I am in the bus or under the shower…
Don’t ask me why !

Culture inspires me. Representation of different places inspire me. LGBT content inspires me. From animation to books to comics.

A little bit of everywhere. TV shows I like to watch, reading, music, just every day experiences, sometimes I give my character a job that I would have liked to do when I was younger.

Dreams, all my best ideas come from dreams.

Movies: Thor 1, Thor 2, Thor 3, Avengers 1, Avengers 2, Avengers 3, Avengers 4, Narnia.

Books: The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Donna Parker, Trixie Belden, Bill Bergson, Animal Ark, Cam Jensen, Narnia, Pony Pals.

Bands: Skillet, Red, BeeGees, Jason and the Scorchers, Cyndi Lauper, The Go Gos.

My lifelong fascination with animals has had a huge influence on my writing. I’ve also noticed that the themes I write about are often related to a particularly rough part of my childhood.


I find my inspiration comes from a combination of classical music, nature, real life and reading other people’s stories. :slight_smile:

Graphics/moodboards/playlists etc for my characters!

I usually find inspiration everywhere I go, weather it’s at school or going to the store. Most of them are dreams and watching TV programs or certain scenes I like from a TV shows and just change it up in my way.

I find inspiration in everyday life. Music, reading other works, everyday experiences, sometimes just hearing the birds sing on a sunny day strikes me with inspiration. Other times I’ll be in the weirdest places minding my own business when an idea hits: like the bathroom.

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Have you ever had a marvellous idea while shitting, [pooping] in the bathroom? I’m thinking it would be funny if you do.


Haha not quite. More like in the I was washing my hands or in the shower :joy:

Mine comes from the most random moments in life.
Most commonly is while I am riding in the car on the way to work without any music. It’s like all the characters come together. (Do I have psychosis? lol)
But when I need inspiration, I use artwork. I create short stories about the scenes.

Some times I’d just blank out on an answer during exam and then afterwards in the toilet you’d hear me scream the answer at the top of my lungs.
Eg. Exam question: What do you use to measure relative humidity.
Me during exams: Confused Internal Screaming
(In the shower at least an hour after the exam)
Me:F**** it’s the Spin Cylometer!!!

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That sounds frustrating! But I have had that happen before lol