Where do you get inspired with your own writing?

Okay, I get inspired by books, people from history, magick, etc. what about you?

romance! :smile: Hey!


Hi! :smile:

I get inspired by anything I see and like.

same! unless its damn interesting to me!

Yeah, I’m working towards getting my ged so I can go to college.

oh, well i am not yet done with my school life!! :smile:

I’m doing a 2 year for a business major an after that, I’ll be going into art.

oh, i am doing full science and literature!

Sweet. :+1:

is that your real username? i mean i searched it to follow you, but bro i have no idea it aint showing!!

I changed my username to CherryCokeDreamBoy

oh ok! Thanks, will follow you!

Same here.


Just PMed you.

Thanks, well we can be great friends :wink:


so, what you doing?